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Palworld Endgame Guide: 5 Things You Need to Do

Abhimannu Das
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Here are five things you need to do in Palworld's endgame.
Raids and PvP are two of the most anticipated updates that will enrich Palworld's endgame event further.

Palworld's endgame currently offers several activities to keep you engaged, though it's important to remember that the game is still in early access and content is ongoing development. Content like Raids and PvP will be added to the game according to an official statement on Twitter by Pocket Pair Inc, but until that happens here's five things you need to do in Palworld's endgame.

What to Do in Palworld's Endgame

Complete the PalDex

Catch and document all available Pals in the game. Aim for perfect captures (with full health and high capture rate) for an extra challenge.

Conquer Legendary Pals

Seek out and capture the powerful Legendaries like Necromus and Paladius. Be prepared for tough battles and strategize your capture attempts.

Perfect Your Breeding Lines

Utilize gene manipulation and breeding mechanics to create Pals with ideal stats, skills, and appearances. Experiment with different combinations to achieve your desired outcomes.

Prepare for PvP

You will soon be able to test your skills against other players in competitive online battles. Until then, you can theorycraft for the PvP content and prepare a roster of Pals that can take on other players.

Tackle Unique Challenges: Look for community-created challenges or self-impose limitations to add spice to your gameplay. For example, try a "Nuzlocke" run where you release any captured Pal that faints.

Self-Imposed / Creative Endgame Possibilities

Build Spectacular Bases: Unleash your creativity and design impressive, functional, or simply beautiful bases using the diverse building options available. Share your creations with the community!

Become a Fashion Icon: Customize your Pals' appearance with outfits, accessories, and dyes. Express your unique style and stand out from the crowd.

Craft the Perfect Pal: Use gene manipulation and breeding to create Pals with specific aesthetics or lore-driven themes. Share your "living art" with the community.

Engage in Roleplaying: Utilize the diverse gameplay elements and social features to create your own roleplaying scenarios with other players. Explore different narratives and character interactions.

Beyond The Endgame

Contribute to the Community: Share your experiences, discoveries, and creations with the Palworld community on forums, social media, or fan discords. Offer tips and help others succeed.

Stay Updated on Development: Follow the developers' announcements and roadmap to learn about upcoming content additions, balance changes, and bug fixes. Provide feedback and suggestions to shape the future of Palworld.

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