Here’s a List of All the Passive Skills in Palworld


Here’s a List of All the Passive Skills in Palworld

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Palworld contains over 60 different passive skills that affect your beloved Pal’s stats depending on their elemental type.
While most passive skills offer positive effects to your Pal, certain skill sets contain significant debuffs as well.
This list is divided into three categories of passive skills; positive, negative, and neutral.

Beyond its survival and crafting elements, Palworld’s creatures play a fundamental role in shaping the overall gameplay experience for its players. Each Pal boasts unique powers and abilities, essential for carrying out various tasks around the Paplagos Islands.

While active combat skills are always beneficial to Pals, they also come equipped with a set of passive abilities that differ depending on their elemental type. Unlike active skills, passive skills can provide both buffs and debuffs to certain traits simultaneously. Without further delay, let’s delve into the extensive list of all passive skills that Palworld has to offer.

List of All Passive Skills in Palworld

All Positive Passive Skills that you need to acquire:

Tier 2 and 3

  • Workaholic: Sanity drops 15% slower

  • Serious: Work speed increases by 20%

  • Diet Lover: Decrease in hunger while performing tasks is 15% less

  • Runner: Increases movement speed by 20%

  • Musclehead: Attack increases by 30% while work speed decreases by 50%

  • Logging Foreman: Increases player logging efficiency by 25%

  • Burly Body: Increases defense by 20%

  • Vanguard: Player attack increases by 10%

  • Artisan: 50% increase in work speed

  • Motivational Leader: Increases player work speed by 25%

  • Stronghold Strategist: Player defense increases by 10%

  • Ferocious: 20% increase in attack

  • Lucky: 15% increase in both attack and work speed

Tier 1

  • Coldblooded: 10% increase in Ice attack damage

  • Capacitor: 10% increase in Lightning attack damage

  • Pyromaniac: 10% increase in Fire attack damage

  • Hydromaniac: 10% increase in Water attack damage

  • Power of Gaia: 10% increase in Earth attack damage

  • Blood of the Dragon: 10% increase in Dragon attack damage

  • Zen Mind: 10% increase in Neutral attack damage

  • Veil of Darkness: 10% increase in Dark attack damage

  • Fragrant Foliage: 10% increase in Grass attack damage

  • Dainty Eater: Hunger drops 10% slower

  • Positive Thinker: Sanity drops 10% slower

  • Brave: Increases attack by 10%

  • Suntan Lover:10% decrease in Incoming Fire damage

  • Heated Body: 10% Decrease in Incoming Ice damage

  • Botanical Barrier: 10% decrease in incoming Grass damage

  • Insulated Body: 10% decrease in incoming Lightning damage

  • Waterproof: 10% decrease in incoming Water damage

  • Earthquake Resistant: 10% decrease in incoming Earth damage

  • Dragonkiller: 10% decrease in incoming Dragon damage

  • Abnormal: 10% decrease in incoming Neutral damage

  •  Cheery: 10% decrease in incoming Dark damage

Negative Passive Skills That You Need to Watch Out For:

  • Pacifist: Reduces attack by 20%

  • Destructive: Sanity drops 15% faster

  • Slacker: Reduces work speed by 30%

  • Brittle: Reduces defense by 20%

  • Coward: Attack drops by 10%

  • Clumsy: Work speed drops by 10%

  • Unstable: Sanity drops 10% faster

  • Downtrodden: Defense drops by 10%

  • Glutton: Hunger drops 10% faster

  • Bottomless Stomach: Hunger drops 15% faster

Neutral Passive Skills:

  • Hooligan: Attack increases by 15% while work speed drops by 10%

  • Work Slave: Attack decreases by 30% while work speed increases by 30%

  • Conceited: Defense drops by 10% while work speed increases by 10%

  • Sadist: Defense drops by 15% while attack increases by 15%

  • Masochist: Defense increases by 15% while attack drops by 15%

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