Here Are the Top 8 Palworld Mods That You Need to Try! (February 2023)


Here Are the Top 8 Palworld Mods That You Need to Try! (February 2023)

Surya Kumar
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Considering Palworld’s early-access state, the following mods will provide numerous quality-of-life changes to enhance your gameplay experience.
You will also find Giorma’s Realistic Reshade on Nexusmods to further improve Palworld’s visual fidelity.

Pocketpair’s Palworld has been taking the gaming industry by storm, amassing a colossal 19 players since its release on 19th January. Initially referred to as ‘Pokemon with guns’, this survival crafting game has captivated its audience by allowing gamers to experience the diverse biomes of Palpagos Islands, filled with both friendly and hostile critters. 

Regardless of its success, it is inarguably true that this early-access title needs more polishing, as established by Pocketpair’s roadmap. Although the devs are working their way up on improving their game, several modders have taken it upon themselves to provide several quality-of-life mods to further enhance the Palworld experience. Without further delay, here are some of the best mods you need to try!

The Best Palworld Mods You Need to Install

1. Remake Character

This was arguably one of the most requested mods out there and it has finally made its way through Nexumods, allowing detailed customization of player avatars such as changing their body type and size, the player’s voice, face, and hair, and even their name. You also get access to character presets which makes this a worthy mod to install if you like to have multiple looks for your avatar. Here’s the link to download it.

Remake Character

2. Visible Pal Capture Counter

As the name suggests, this quality-of-life mod displays the number of times you have captured a specific Pal without having to go through the meticulous process of checking your Paldeck. You will see a counter on top of Pal’s heads, showing you the number of times you’ve acquired them. This simple mod is certainly an efficient one to eliminate redundancy from the game. Here’s the download link.

Visible Pal Capture Counter

3. Map Unlocker and Basic MiniMap

Sick of seeing those black patches on unexplored areas of the map? Try this map unlocker mod which lets you view every location in the Paplagos Islands. Keep in mind that you still need to unlock and access fast travel points in order to get to different regions. 

You can also pair this with the basic minimap mod, which allows you to keep track of your surroundings without having to open the map menu. Although you currently cannot see any HUDs or map markers on it, we can expect the devs to enhance this later down the line. Here’s the link to the Map Unlocker and the Basic MiniMap.

4. Toggle HUD

If you are bothered by the enormous number of HUD icons while taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings or your beloved Pals, you need to check out this simple mod which removes the HUD upon pressing a hotkey. It works instantly, allowing you to seamlessly toggle on and off all icons on the screen. Here’s the download link.

5. Custom Crosshair

This modifier allows you to choose from seven different crosshair types, according to your preferences. They include cross, dot, and even scoped crosshairs, allowing you to intuitively aim at your targets. Here’s the download link.

Custom Crosshair

6. Enhanced Graphics and Improved Anti-Aliasing

If you have access to powerful hardware, these two mods are no-brainers, allowing you to significantly enhance Palworld’s visual quality through the following changes:

  • Improved Global Illumination

  • Improved Post-Processing Effects such as Bloom and Motion Blur

  • Increased View Distance to remove texture pop-ins.

  • Better Image Stabilization due to AA

  • Minimises blurriness

Here are the download links to Enhanced Graphics and Improved Anti-Aliasing.

Enhanced Graphics and Improved Anti-Aliasing

7. Stutter Fix

If you are struggling with performance issues due to lower VRAM or if you have Palworld installed on an HDD, we recommend you try out this mod to minimize frustrating stutters that interrupt your immersive Palworld experience. Here’s the download link.

8. Max Level Increased and More Stat and Tech Points

This essentially removes the level cap from level 50, allowing you to progress further through the game and improve yourself, with multiple options to increase the level cap up to 200. You can pair this with the stats and tech points increaser if you wish to create an overkill build. Here are the links for Max Level Increased and More Stat and Tech Points.

Those are all the best Palworld mods you can install on your PC to enhance your gameplay experience. Instructions on how to install each of the aforementioned modifiers will be provided on the Nexumods site. Make sure you comply with Pocketpair’s guidelines before installing any of these mods.

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