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Criminal Activity Underway in Palworld: What Does it Mean? How to Get Rid of It?

Vignesh Raghuram
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In Palworld, the "Criminal activity underway" alert notifies players of illegal actions, such as attacking friendly NPCs, trying to capture humans, and entering or disturbing Wildlife Sanctuaries.
Upon breaking the law, players must cease their illegal activity to clear the alert; failure to comply escalates their status to "Wanted," introducing a dynamic of evasion or confrontation with the game's law enforcement, the PIDF.
Entering Wildlife Sanctuaries without permission is a common way to trigger the alert, with the game signaling trespassing through a "You've been spotted" notification

In Palworld, players find themselves exploring the vast landscapes of the Palpagos Islands, a place where adventure—and sometimes trouble—awaits around every corner. However, amidst the exploration and fun, there's a unique system in place to keep adventurers in check: the 

"Criminal Activity Underway" alert that pops up if you do something illegal like hurting a friendly NPC or going into a restricted zone in Palworld.

The Criminal Activity Underway alert serves as the game's gentle nudge to players about their actions' legality (or lack thereof) and adds an interesting twist to the gameplay experience.

When does The Criminal Activity Underway alert pop up?

The Palpagos Islands, while open for exploration, come with their own set of rules, breaking which triggers the infamous warning. These rules are in place to protect the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that populate the world and the natural habitats of the Pals. Here's a rundown of actions deemed illegal on the islands:

  • Attacking non-hostile NPCs: Merchants and other friendly characters are off-limits for any aggressive actions.

  • Attempting to capture humans with Pal Spheres: In a world where you can capture creatures, trying to do the same with humans is a big no-no.

  • Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries: These protected areas are meant to be safe havens for wildlife, not tourist spots.

  • Capturing Pals within Wildlife Sanctuaries: Just as it's forbidden to disturb these sanctuaries, removing creatures from them is equally frowned upon.

The most common way that players encounter the "criminal activity underway" message is upon entering a Wildlife Sanctuary to capture rare Pals. These areas are strictly regulated to prevent the capturing or harming of Pals and are under the vigilant watch of the Palworld Island Defense Force (PIDF). If you manage to avoid detection by PIDF officers, you can roam freely without consequence. 

However, getting spotted transforms the warning into a "Trespassing" alert, elevating your status to Wanted. The transition is marked by a stark "You've been spotted" notification, signaling that your presence in the sanctuary is no longer a secret.

How to get rid of the Criminal Activity Underway alert?

To get rid of the Criminal Activity Underway alert, players must immediately stop their illegal activities. The game requires you to either vacate the restricted area or stop doing whatever rulebreaking you may have engaged in. Failure to do so will result in this escalating to the Wanted category.

The Wanted status means that you will actively be hunted by the PIDF. It introduces a thrilling cat-and-mouse dynamic to the gameplay. Players can resolve their Wanted status in one of three ways:

  • Die: Letting the PIDF catch up to you resets your status, albeit at a cost.

  • Fight: Direct confrontation with PIDF guards increases your Wanted level, but strategically using your Pals in combat can help evade direct penalties.

  • Hide: Distance yourself from law enforcement long enough, and you'll eventually shake off your pursuers.

Escalating to a Wanted status can quickly turn from a thrilling chase into a significant drain on your time and resources, so players are advised to carefully navigate their interactions within the Palpagos Islands, keeping in mind the legal boundaries and the consequences of their actions.

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