Can’t Join Multiplayer Sessions? Here’s How You Can Fix Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld



Can’t Join Multiplayer Sessions? Here’s How You Can Fix Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld

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It can be frustrating and hard to play Palworld if you're constantly facing a 'Connection Timed Out' error.
Wondering how to fix Connection Timed Out error in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you fix this issue in Palworld.

There’s no doubt that Palworld has proven to be a huge hit in the online gaming community. The open-world combines Pokémon-like gameplay, where you can catch cute monsters called ‘Pals,’ and the survival adventure genre, like Rust and Minecraft.

However, when jumping into the world of Palworld, you might encounter the ‘Connection Timed Out’ error. This hiccup happens for both PC and Xbox players. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can fix the Multiplayer Connection Timed Out error in Palworld. 

What is The Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld?

The ‘Connection Timed Out’ error in Palworld is triggered when communication between your home network and Palworld’s servers breaks down. Here’s one of the factors that can cause this error – 

  1. Server Overload – This is a common setback in popular online games, and Palworld is not immune. When too many players try to connect simultaneously, the servers slow down or crash, resulting in errors for those trying to join.

  2. Firewall Block – Sometimes, security tools such as Firewalls or Antivirus can block Palworld’s online activity as suspicious, blocking complete connectivity. 

  3. Network Issues – Interferences on congested Wi-Fi bands can interrupt your gaming data flows. Lag, latency, and packet loss can also cause issues.

  4. Version Mismatch – Even outdated game versions can lead to a Connection Timed Out Error.

Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld


How Can You Fix Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld?

Fix 1: Wait Until Developers Repair Servers

If you’re facing the ‘Connection Timed Out’ error, you’ll need to wait until Pocket Pair fixes and gets the servers online again. During this time, you can check Palworld’s official X account, as the developers often update players on server outages. 

Fix 2: Restart Your Game 

Restarting the game or the platform you’re using to play the game can fix issues like this. Simply turn off the game or restart your platform and then attempt to relaunch the game. Simple restarts are the easiest and best way to solve this error, unlike other fixes.

Fix 3: Restart Your Router

You might encounter this error if you have a bad internet connection or other problems with the router. Restarting your router can fix this issue. Unplug the router from the power supply and wait for a few seconds before reconnecting the device. If you’re using Wi-Fi, we recommend switching to an Ethernet cable. This allows for a faster and more stable connection between your device and router.

Fix 4: Allow the Game Past Your Firewall

Your firewall or antivirus might block Palworld and cause the Connection Timed Out error. Run the game as administrator to fix the issue. 

Fix 5: Try Playing the Game Offline

If you’re facing this error message while trying to join or host a multiplayer session, you can try playing the game offline. Turn off the Multiplayer mode and start your session again.

Fix 6: Update Game Version

Download the most recent Palworld patches to fix this error to prevent version mismatch. Palworld receives a lot of updates, as the game is still in the early access development cycle.

Fix 7: Verify Game Files or Reinstall Palworld

If none of the above solutions have fixed the issue, you can try verifying the game files or reinstalling the game. To verify your game files, if you’re using Steam, find Palworld in your Library and right-click on it to open Properties. Head to the ‘Installed Files’ tab and select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files.’ Wait for Steam to check all the game files and repair anything that might be corrupt.

That’s everything you need to know on how to fix the Connection Timed Out Error in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can get Blazamut in Palworld.

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