Best Palworld Ore Farm Locations



Best Palworld Ore Farm Locations

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Forget about mining each location in Palworld in search of the ideal ore farm locations.
Here are some of the best ore farm locations in Palworld to help you kickstart your base building journey.

Ore is a super important item in Palworld. Players have to refine it into ingots to craft all the tech they need. But, given the vast expanse of Palworld land, you cannot go around mining each location since it is a waste of time. Therefore, it can come in super handy to know the best Palworld ore farm locations. 

So, in this article, we’ll share some Palworld ore farm locations with you where you can build your ore farm. Get ready to start your own production line by creating more technology on your newly built farm. 

What Makes a Good Ore Farm Location? 

In a game like Palworld where ores and other resources are crucial to protect, you need a base where you can freely roam around. Especially without the fear of being attacked. So, what constitutes an ideal farm base in Palworld? Let us take a look. 

  1. It is raid-proof - Before anything, we need to ensure that the base that we’re looking at is under no harm or threat due to enemy raids. Otherwise, all your hard work can instantly go to waste. 

  2. It’s on an elevated surface - The reason for this is that an elevated surface is comparatively easier to defend. So, even if enemies find their way to you, you can easily defend yourself. 

  3. It has other needed resources nearby - A good sign that you’ve found the ultimate farm base is that it has other resources like wood or stone around it. This can be super helpful, as you won’t have to roam around all the time in search of these resources. 

And lastly, the best farm base is the one with a huge amount of ores in it. 

Best Palworld Ore Farm Locations 

There are three prime locations in Palworld where players can find an abundance of ore. These locations can be navigated by using the following coordinates:

Coordinates 312 and -32

This location is situated on a mountain. And offers a strategic advantage for players. Enemy raids rarely make it up to the mountain. So, you can easily take down your enemies and reign supreme in this endeavor. There is a command center from where you can command your Pals to work. This location is pretty much located in the middle of the map and has a beautiful waterfall near it. However, one disadvantage of this place is that your Pals might have difficulty reaching you. They may spawn at random places or get stuck in the rocks. You will have to gently toss them to a better spot. 

Coordinates 72 and -410 (Option One) / 6 and -400 (Option Two)

Option one offers a landscape full of resources. Once your Pals finish with ore, they can switch to other tasks, boosting overall productivity. It is also close to the Desolate Church waypoint.

Option two has a bunch of resources where Pals can multitask. However, it is situated in an open plain, therefore inviting more threats from enemies. So, be prepared with walls and traps for defense.

Coordinates 10 and -525 

This location is perched on a cliff and offers a single entry point for enemy raids. Players can use this location as a home base. It's great for quick travel to the western regions on the map. However, players will have to trek a little to reach this spot. 

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