Who is Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail? Origins and Garden of Recollection Explained

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Who is Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail?


Black Swan is an upcoming 5-star Wind Nihility character in Honkai Star Rail.
She is referenced in the Simulated Universe and is known to be a member of the Garden of Recollection.

Black Swan is one of the Memokeepers of the Garden of Recollection in Honkai Star Rail. She is an upcoming character who has been datamined ever since the game’s release. If you want to take a look at her kit, we have a leaks compilation that you can check out if you want to know more about her kit. We will go over her origins and backstory in case you want to know more about the character as Trailblazers head to Penacony next patch.

Black Swan’s Origins in Honkai Star Rail

Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail is an enigmatic Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection. She possesses the unique ability to preserve and share memories, making her an invaluable asset to those who seek to understand the past. While her true origins remain shrouded in mystery, Black Swan's enigmatic presence and powerful abilities have garnered her both admiration and fear.

Outside of the references in Simulated Universe, we have very limited information about Black Swan’s origins.

What is the Garden of Recollection? 

The Path of Remembrance states, “To exist is to think, and memories are proof of this. Everything in the physical world will eventually perish, but they can live on in another way through Remembrance.”

Contrary to popular belief that memory is mixed with the imaginary, Memokeepers from the Garden of Recollection believe that reality and imagination are myths. What is completely real and immortal in a universe that is constantly reincarnating? Even stars die and black holes evaporate. They disappear in an instant on a cosmic scale. In this flood of time and life, the only treasure is the memory that proves people's existence.

Memokeepers from the Garden of Recollection are dedicated to preserving and sharing memories. Enlightened by their master Fuli, Memokeepers shed their mortal flesh and live on as memetic entities. With this unique gift, they can freely traverse between worlds, unconstrained by physical limits. Memokeepers often disguise themselves as natives of the worlds they visit. They trade, copy, steal, deceive... using every means necessary to collect precious memories.

Memory Bubbles are a technology developed by the Garden of Recollection to preserve memories. The Garden created a Sentiention membrane to keep the memories wrapped up in it like a bubble, making it easy to carry memories around.

Similarly, Light Cones are technology that preserve memories created by the Garden, but on a more advanced scale. Because they also preserve experiences and abilities, this technology is under level-2 restriction by the Interastral Peace Corporation. The memories contained in Light Cones become clearer when infused substance such as Sparse Aether, Condensed Aether and Refined Aether.

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