Should You Pull Jingliu or Topaz in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4?

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Honkai Star Rail 1.4: Topaz


The arrival of new characters in Honkai Star Rail always stirs up excitement among players. In version 1.4, two 5-star characters have taken center stage: Jingliu and Topaz.
As players contemplate where to invest their hard-earned resources, it's crucial to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each character before making a decision.
In this article, we'll break down the considerations for pulling Jingliu and Topaz, helping you make an informed choice.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4 is right around the corner, and it brings two highly anticipated 5-star characters, Jingliu and Topaz, to the game. These characters offer unique abilities and playstyles, making it crucial for players to decide where to invest their resources. In this article, we'll analyze both characters and help you determine whether you should pull for Jingliu, Topaz, or both.

Jingliu: The Ice DPS Powerhouse

Jingliu has generated considerable excitement among players. If you're in need of a powerful damage dealer or an Ice DPS, Jingliu should definitely be on your radar. Unlike some competitive multiplayer games, Honkai Star Rail is primarily a PVE game, allowing you the freedom to chase characters you love.

Here's why you should consider pulling for Jingliu:

Amazing Ice DPS: At the time of writing, the game lacks a strong Ice DPS character, making Jingliu a valuable addition. If you don't already have Yanqing, she becomes an even more compelling choice.

Eidolon 1 Ability: Jingliu's E1 skill transforms her spread damage into a focused attack on a single enemy, making her invaluable in boss fights. However, this ability may require a substantial investment in in-game currency.

Topaz: The Fiery Companion

Topaz, on the other hand, is a Fire Elemental character who brings a unique playstyle to Honkai Star Rail. Her partnership with her pet Warp Trotter sets her apart from the rest of the cast. Here's what you need to know about Topaz:

Powerful Fire DPS: If you're in need of a potent Fire DPS character, Topaz fits the bill. Remember that in a PVE-focused game like Honkai Star Rail, personal preference plays a significant role in character selection.

Unique Kit: Topaz's kit is one-of-a-kind, and her mechanics are unlikely to be replicated by other characters. This uniqueness could make her a valuable asset in your roster.

Potential to Replace Himeko: Himeko, another Fire Element character, has been criticized for her underwhelming damage and reliance on support. If you haven't invested in Himeko, Topaz might be a better choice.

Both Jingliu and Topaz offer distinct advantages, and your decision should be influenced by your current roster and personal playstyle preferences. If you already have a strong Ice DPS character or Yanqing, Topaz might be the better option. However, if you lack a reliable Ice DPS, Jingliu could significantly enhance your team's capabilities.

Remember that this information is based on pre-release leaks and is subject to change. Ultimately, the decision to pull for Topaz or Jingliu should align with your gameplay style and team needs in Honkai Star Rail.

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