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Should You Pull For Blade in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2?

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Blade is one of the most popularunits in Honkai Star Rail and players have been waiting for him ever since the first beta and the first ever leaks of his character.
It is likely that players will struggle in Version 1.2 to decide who to pull between the two mysterious Stellaron Hunters Blade and Kafka.
This article aims to highlight key factors and information regarding Blade and his kit so players can make an informed decision of whether they should pull for him.

Blade, the highly-anticipated 5-star Wind character, has finally arrived in Honkai Star Rail, and players are eager to decide whether he is worth pulling for. This article aims to provide insights into Blade's strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision. 

The main reason that most players will have for skipping Blade will be the fact that Kafka, who is arguably the most popular and anticipated character of Honkai Star Rail is set to debut right after Blade in the second half of Patch 1.2, And so it will most likely be a tough decision for players since both of these characters have a lot of simps.

Honkai Star Rail: Should you pull Blade?


First and foremost, it's crucial to remember that Honkai Star Rail is a game and pulling for a character you genuinely like can significantly enhance your enjoyment of the game. If Blade appeals to you and you have the resources to spare, go ahead and summon him without hesitation. After all, Honkai Star Rail is primarily a PvE game, and no character is necessary for maintaining competitiveness.

Gear Investment 

Blade's unique mechanics require players to balance both his Attack and HP stats effectively. Unlike conventional characters, simply stacking damage or defensive gear may not suffice for Blade. Players will need to invest in gear that optimizes both his damage output and survivability. Without proper gear, Blade might not be as effective in dealing damage or may face survivability issues.

Support Characters

Considering Blade relies on sacrificing his own health for powerful attacks, having a reliable healer on the team becomes essential. While Blade can self-heal to some extent, a secondary healer can be vital to keep him alive during prolonged battles. Luocha is a recommended candidate, as his passive healing can complement Blade's playstyle effectively. If Luocha isn't available, make sure you have a capable healer to support Blade in battle. Other options include Bailu and Natasha.

Free-to-play players may face some challenges when pulling for Blade due to the heavy gear investment and the need for a suitable support character. It might be more difficult to optimize Blade's gameplay without access to premium lightcones or certain characters. However, if you have a solid team setup and sufficient resources, Blade can still be a valuable addition to your roster.

In conclusion, pulling for Blade in Honkai Star Rail depends on your personal preferences and the resources at your disposal. If you love his character and playstyle, go ahead and summon him, as enjoying the game should always be a priority. However, if you aim to optimize your resources, carefully consider the gear investment and the availability of suitable support characters. Remember that every character can shine with the right team composition and strategy, so choose wisely and have fun exploring the world of Honkai Star Rail with Blade!

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