Should You Build Misha in Honkai: Star Rail?



Should You Build Misha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Abhimannu Das
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Misha is one of the weaker 4-star releases in Honkai: Star Rail who is meant to be a support-sub DPS hybrid.
While he does not excel at either buffing or damage output, his niche lies in being able to freeze enemies very consistently.

Misha is Honkai: Star Rail's newest 4-star character and there is a lot of debate going on around his viability. With limited resources available every patch, it can be difficult to recommend building him right now. If you are interested in building him, here's everything you need to know.

Should You Build Misha in Honkai: Star Rail? (TLDR Version)


Should You Build Misha in Honkai: Star Rail? (Long Version)

Misha is a hybrid character that falls somewhere between a sub-DPS and a support. He is meant to be paired with another Ice DPS. He has a lot of synergy around freezing enemies and he can consistently stunlock enemies provided they do not have crazy high Effect RES.

His Eidolons make his freeze more consistent (E1), give him DEF shred (E2) and help him generate SP (Skill Points) for the team (E6). Despite the utility that he has, he is not worth building for general content. However, he does have a niche of being a great Remembrance carry for Simulated Universe.

He can be an alternative to March 7th in high difficulty Remembrance runs and if you can stack enough Effect Hit Rate during your run in Gold and Gears, you can permanently freeze bosses.

That being said, resources take time to farm and building a character for just Simulated Universe might not be a good idea. With Simulated Universe DLCs completely changing up how paths function, it might be a poor long-term investment if you invest into Misha.

Disclaimer: There is a niche where you should use Misha instead of a sustain character as you will not need healing if you can consistently keep enemies frozen. But that is something you should consider only when you already have a powerful roster of characters and want to try new and fun ways to play the game.

If you enjoy Misha's characterization or gameplay, do not let our writeup dissuade you from playing him. You should ultimately prioritize what's fun for you and invest your Trailblazer Power and resources accordingly.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 - Misha's Kit Summarized

Basic ATK: Please... Step Aside!

Deals Ice DMG equal to 100% of Misha's ATK to an enemy.

Skill: Room... Room Service!

Enables Misha's next Ultimate Skill to strike 1 more time. Deals Ice DMG equal to 200% of Misha's ATK to an enemy, and Ice DMG equal to 80% of Misha's ATK to enemies adjacent to it.

Ultimate: I... I'm Late!

Misha's Ultimate strikes 3 times by default. Misha strikes the target enemy, dealing Ice DMG equal to 60% of Misha's ATK, and then strikes random enemies over multiple times, each dealing Ice DMG equal to 609 of Misha's ATK. Each hit has a 20% base chance to Freeze the target for 1 turn.

Frozen enemies cannot take any actions and take additional Ice DMG equal to 30% of Misha's ATK at the beginning of their turn.

Misha's Ultimate strikes up to 10 times. After this Ultimate is used, the number of its hits is restored to the default level.

Talent: Grappling Mechanism

Whenever an ally consumes a Skill Point, Misha's next Ultimate strikes 1 more time(s) and Misha regenerates 2 Energy.

Technique: Wait! You Are So Beautiful!

Using the Technique creates a dimension for 15s. Enemies caught in the dimension are affected by Dream Prison and stop all their actions. Upon entering battle against enemies affected by Dream Prison, Misha's next Ultimate strikes 2 more times. Only one dimension can exist at one time.

Bonus Abilities

1. Transmission

Attacks against Frozen enemies deal 30% more CRIT DMG.

2. Interlock

Using the Ultimate increases Effect Hit Rate by 60%. This bonus expires at the end of the Ultimate.

3. Release

Before launching the first hit, increases the Ultimate's base chance to Freeze enemies by 80%.

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