Penacony in Honkai Star Rail Rail: What We Know So Far

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Penacony is one of the upcoming locations in Honkai Star Rail that is expected to arrive in patch 1.5 or 1.6.
Black Swan and Sam are expected to arrive in the same patch as Penacony, as their best-in-slot relic sets have been datamined in the region.

Penacony, the Planet of Festivities, is a celestial body referenced in Honkai: Star Rail. It is presently inhabited by a faction known as the Family, devoted to the ideals of Xipe, the Aeon of Harmony. It is expected that we will be heading to Penacony as the game’s next location in an upcoming patch. While the story has hinted at our Trailblazing exploits leading us to Penacony, we don’t know when we will actually get a first-hand experience of the in-game location.

What we know about Penacony so far

Prior to the culmination of the Astral Express Crew's exploits at Jarilo-VI, Penacony's Family extended formal invitations to various interstellar factions, marking an unprecedented event in its history. The invitations encompassed groups like the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC) and the Astral Express.

In response, Himeko and her crew contemplated a visit to Penacony as their next destination. However, their plans were swiftly diverted upon receiving Kafka's report about a Stellaron eruption on the Xianzhou Luofu. Consequently, the crew altered their course and made their way to the Luofu instead.

In a bygone era when Akivili was alive, Penacony served as a penal colony under the jurisdiction of the IPC, where they exiled criminals. Yet, their control over the planet waned when Stellaron corrosion ravaged the region. Subsequently, Penacony found refuge with Xipe and formally aligned with the Family.

If you head to the Memory Bubble labeled "Family," the recollections of an individual who delved into investigating the Family and aspired to receive an invitation to Penacony are preserved. The name Renoir is mentioned in connection with the Family, though the current status of this figure remains uncertain and we are expected to find out more when we head to Penacony in one of Honkai Star Rail’s upcoming patches.

When will Penacony release in Honkai Star Rail?

We are expected to get our first glimpse of Penacony in patch 1.5, which should release around 15th November. There are some leaks suggesting that we will head to the new region in patch 1.6 which would shift the release date to around 25th December. A 1.6 release is more likely as we will get Black Swan and Sam as two of the playable characters in the patch.

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