How to Remove Jingliu’s Blindfold in Honkai Star Rail

Abhimannu Das
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Jingliu - Honkai Star Rail


You can remove Jingliu’s blindfold in Honkai Star Rail using a glitch in the photo mode.
This is currently possible in the 1.4 update but it might be hotfixed in a future update.

Honkai Star Rail’s update 1.4 is live now and Jingliu is the rate-up character that everyone is raving about. If you have kept up with the game’s storyline, you will know that Jingliu always keeps her eyes covered. The only time we get to see her eyes during gameplay is when she casts her Ultimate. If you want to remove her blindfold, there is a way to do so but it involves using a glitch and it is not a permanent feature. Here’s how you can remove Jingliu’s blindfold in Honkai Star Rail.

How to remove Jingliu’s blindfold

Needless to say, you need to own Jingliu to be able to do this glitch and it is not possible to pull the trick off in her character trial. So if you do not have the character, you have our deepest condolences as you will not be able to see the ice queen’s eyes using the in-game camera.

Do note that the following steps work as of patch 1.4 and Hoyoverse might remove the glitch in a future update.

  1. Add Jingliu to your squad and switch to her 

  2. Launch the camera by going to your phone menu 

  3. Navigate the camera options and click on “Idle Action 2” 

  4. When the animation is active, instantly go back to the Camera Settings 

  5. Click on Turn Character Around 

  6. Swap back to Idle Action 2 one more time 

Jingliu without blindfold

This might not work on your first try and it requires some quick button presses. If you do it successfully, you will be able to use the game’s Camera feature to take photos of Jingliu or record your gameplay with her blindfold off.

Something that can help you pull off the glitch consistently is tapping the turn around button as quickly as possible before hitting the Idle Action 2 button while she is turning. This behavior is not intended and it is very likely to get patched out in a future hotfix or version update.

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