Honkai Star Rail Patch 1.4 Will Give Players a Free 4-Star Selector

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Honkai Star Rail Patch 1.4


Honkai Star Rail patch 1.4 will add a 4-star selector that will grant players a copy of Hook, Serval, Pela or Luka.
Pela is arguably the best option and getting your first copy of the character or her fourth Eidolon can be massive power spike for your account.

Honkai Star Rail patch 1.4 will add a free 4-star Selector called “Fateful Crossing: Aetherium Wars” which will allow players to choose between Luka, Serval, Hook or Pela. The item is expected to be available as part of an upcoming event set in Belobog considering all four characters are from the region. This is a great opportunity for players who are missing any of the 4-stars or want Eidolons for them. If you are wondering which character to pick from the four, here are our recommendations.

Who should you pick from Honkai Star Rail’s 4-star Selector?

Here is a quick summary of all four characters.


Pela is a 4-star Ice Nihility support character in Honkai Star Rail. She is a valuable member of any team, as she can debuff enemies with her Ultimate ability, which reduces their defense by up to 40%. She also has a talent that allows her to gain energy upon debuffing a target, which helps her to spam her ultimate more often.


Luka is a 4-star Physical Nihility character in Honkai Star Rail. He is a powerful DPS character who can deal a lot of damage over time. He is best paired with characters who can support him, such as healers or characters who can apply buffs.


Hook is a 4-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail. She is a solid DPS character who can be a valuable asset to any team. She is a good choice for players who are looking for a character who can deal a lot of damage and lack DPS options in their account.


Serval is a 4-star Lightning DPS character who treads the path of the Erudition, meaning she's capable of dishing out powerful multi-target, AoE damage, and can apply lightning damage over time (DoT). Even though she is an Erudition character, she can be a great fit in DoT teams due to her ability to apply Shock on enemies which becomes very consistent if you have her 4th Eidolon.

Who should you pick?

Pela is one of the best supports in the game and if you happen to have ‘Before the Tutorial Mission Starts’ which is a free 4-star Light cone from patch 1.1, you are in luck. With the aforementioned light cone, you can build Pela in a way that she never consumes Skill Points and has 100% uptime on her Defense shred, using her Ultimate just by using her basic attacks to restore energy and generate skill points for the rest of the team. Even if you have a copy of her, getting her to Eidolon 4 is a good choice as it gives her a massive power spike. 

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