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Honkai Star Rail Light Cone Manifest Store Update: All New 2.0 Light Cones Detailed

Abhimannu Das
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There are seven new light cones that are being added to Honkai: Star Rail 2.0.
They can be obtained for free via the Light Cone Manifest store.

Honkai: Star Rail patch 2.0 is dropping soon and multiple new light cones are being added to the Light Cone Manifest Store. You can obtain all of the light cones for free by earning Lucent Afterglow. You can get Lucent Afterglow by clearing Memory of Chaos and Echo of War. If you have Lucent Afterglow stocked up from previous updates, you can obtain the new light cones as soon as the patch drops.

All New Light Cone Manifest Store in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0

Flames Afar (Destruction)


When the wearer loses or consumes more than 25% of their max HP during a single turn, they will get healed for 15% of their max HP. Additionally, the wearer will receive a damage boost of 25% for two turns. This effect can be triggered once every three turns.

Final Victor (The Hunt)

All In

Boosts the wearer’s ATK-stat by 12%. When the wearer hits a CRIT, they gain a stack of Good Fortune; this can be stacked up to four times. Each stack of the buff will boost the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 8% and will be removed after the wearer’s turn ends.

The Day The Cosmos Fell (Erudition)


Boosts the wearer’s ATK by 16%. When the wearer launches an attack on adversaries and if they have the same Weakness type, the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 20% for two turns.

Dreamville Adventure (Harmony)


When the wearer uses their Basic ATk, Skill, or Ultimate, all party members gain Childishness. It increases allies’ damage from the same ability that the wearer used by 12%, but it cannot be stacked.

It’s Showtime (Nihility)


When the wearer inflicts a debuff, they gain a stack of Trick. Each stack boosts the wearer’s damage by 6%, and it can be stacked up to three times. The effect lasts for a turn, and if the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate is 80%, their ATK increases by 20%.

Destiny’s Threads Forewoven (Preservation)


Boosts the wearer’s Effect RES by 12%. Every 100 DEF increases the wearer’s damage by 0.8%, up to a maximum of 32%.

What is Real (Abundance)


Boosts the wearer’s Break Effect by 24%. When they use their Basic ATK, their HP replenishes by 2.0% of their max HP plus 800.

Which Light Cones Should You Get?

The Abundance and Preservation light cones have no synergy whatsoever with the existing cast of characters. However, it is expected that they will work with future characters from Penacony so you can avoid getting them for now.

The Day The Cosmos Fell might be the strongest light cone among the new Light Cone Manifest Store additions. It can give you a nice Crit DMG buff for your Erudition characters almost permanently. The Harmony, Nihility and Hunt light cones may also be good but they might not match up to other existing 4-star options.

Flames Afar for Destruction characters might be the best light cone that you can get for Blade as a free-to-play player. It synergizes with his kit well and you should consider picking it up if you have the Wind Destruction character.

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