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Honkai Star Rail Leaks Hint at TCG Game Mode in Version 1.4

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Recent leaks surrounding Honkai: Star Rail have sent waves of excitement through the community. It appears that the sibling game to Genshin Impact is preparing to introduce its own Trading Card Game (TCG) mode.
The leaked information suggests that the TCG mode in Honkai: Star Rail, rumored to be named "Aetherium Wars," will take a sci-fi approach by featuring "Aether Spirits" as collectible entities for battles.
Here's a breakdown of what we know about this upcoming mode. As with any leaks, it's essential to approach this information with a grain of salt.

Honkai Star Rail is gearing up for a thrilling addition with the anticipated Version 1.4 update - a trading card game (TCG) mode. This exciting development follows in the footsteps of its sibling title, Genshin Impact, which saw immense success with its Genius Invokation TCG mode. Here's a breakdown of what we know about this upcoming mode.  As with any leaks, it's essential to approach this information with a grain of salt.

Inspired by Genshin Impact's Success 

The TCG mode in Honkai: Star Rail seems to draw inspiration from Genshin Impact's well-received Genius Invokation TCG mode. Genshin Impact introduced this turn-based trading card game with great success, incorporating elements of its core gameplay mechanics into a card-based format. HoYoverse, the developer behind both games, is looking to replicate this success in Honkai: Star Rail.

Aether Spirits and Online Battles 

According to leaks shared by the well-known HoYoverse leaker HomDGCat, Honkai: Star Rail's TCG mode, known as "Aetherium Wars," will have a sci-fi twist. Players will collect and engage in battles using "Aether Spirits," which resemble character cards in Genshin Impact's TCG mode. These Aether Spirits can be transformed from any organism's data, promising an intriguing and dynamic card-collecting experience.

Aetherium Wars will introduce special battle rules, enabling Trailblazers to engage in epic duels using their Aether Spirits. Additionally, the mode will feature a dedicated multiplayer component, allowing players to challenge each other in exciting TCG battles.


One of the most exciting revelations from the leak is that players participating in the TCG-focused event may earn a reward allowing them to redeem a free four-star character in Honkai: Star Rail's upcoming Version 1.4. The character choices include Serval, Pela, Hook, and Luka. This adds an enticing incentive for players to dive into the TCG mode when it arrives.

Release Date and Permanence 

While an official release date for the Honkai: Star Rail TCG mode has not been confirmed by HoYoverse, rumors suggest it could debut in the Version 1.4 update, tentatively expected in October. As with any leaks, it's essential to approach this information with caution until the developers make an official announcement.

The TCG mode is rumored to be a permanent addition to Honkai: Star Rail, offering players a long-term and engaging gameplay experience akin to what Genshin Impact's TCG mode provides.

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