Honkai Star Rail: Hanu's Prison Break Event Guide



Honkai Star Rail: Hanu's Prison Break Event Guide

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Honkai Star Rail 2.0's update is now live and a brand new event titled Hanu's Prison Break just dropped.
Players can get a free 4-star selector from the event and also get over 1,000 Stellar Jade.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 is now underway and you can get a free 4-star Selector from the event Hanu's Prison Break. Dr. Edward's Dreamscale Sales Store in Penacony received an update and you can head there to kick off the event. The event will be live from 8th February to 25th March and after the event ends, it will be added to the Conventional Memoir section permanently. While you can experience the event after it ends, you will not get the full assortment of rewards.

How to Start the Hanu's Prison Break Event

Players need to complete the introductory Penacony quest (Through a Glass Darkly) to start the event. Completing the event grants a Fateful Crossings 4-star selector featuring Guinaifen, Sampo, Asta and Yukong. The total Stellar Jade count from the event is 1020. You also get a Self Modeling Resin for relic crafting along with a few other resources.

Hanu's Prison Break Overview

Dr. Edward's latest dream bubble is the center of the event. You have to turn yourself into Hanu and break out of prison via dream bubble challenges.

The event Dreamscape area will be separated into Shallow Dreamscapes and Deep Dreamscapes with unique challenges. Here are the four types of activities you can expect from the event:

Bubble Pinball

Adjust the path and drive of Spheroids to escape. Your goal is to get everyone out of the prison. Select plates and expend energy to activate them. You need to create a trajectory that connects the marble launchers on both sides and moves prisoners safely.

Dream Ticker

Players need to carry out a smuggling operation with the clock informer. Select building blocks to drag and rotate them and adjust the blocks to help Clockie reach his destination.

Hanu's Adventure

Rescue trapped birds in the prison, obtain keys and fight for control of the dream prison. During this operation you must take on the form of Hanu, avoid Boss Stone's minions and save all of the birds in an area. You cannot afford to get caught!


During the Dreamwalker stages, you enter the Dreamscape to look for companions. You need to head to the Bubble Towers to create walkable bridges and save your friends.

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