Honkai Star Rail: All Character Ages

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Honkai Star Rail: All Character Ages


Hoyoverse does not officially reveal the ages of its playable characters in Honkai Star Rail.
Keen-eyed players were able to come up with a list of ages for characters based on their appearance, occupation and other in-game details.

Honkai Star Rail does not officially mention the ages of most of its cast. Players usually make an assumption based on a character’s appearance, profession and other information we gather during a playthrough. If you are wondering what the ages of the playable characters are, we prepared a full list of characters with their estimated ages and heights. The only characters that we know the ages of officially are Trailblazer, Jing Yuan and Welt while Herta’s age cannot be determined at all. 

Ages of all characters in Honkai Star Rail

The youngest character in Honkai Star Rail is actually the protagonist (Trailblazer) who is less than a year old. Kafka is the one who created the Trailblazer, which technically makes her a mother figure for Stelle/Caelus. The power of the Stellaron was able to create the protagonist as a grown human and we are yet to discover if we even have a past.

So if Trailblazer is the youngest character in Honkai Star Rail, you is the oldest character you might ask? Many think that Welt is the oldest character. He is the only recurring character between Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd. While you may recognize Seele, Bronya and a few other returning characters, they are alternate reality versions of the characters we meet in Honkai Impact 3rd. But Welt, who is the former Herrscher of Reason, is the same person and he is over 80 years old. 

But Jing Yuan is actually the oldest character in the game. He has been around for over 700 years and is one of the few immortals we meet during our journey. Many missed this detail because his age was never revealed in-game but Hoyoverse highlighted his age in an official cinematic.

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