Honkai: Star Rail 2.3: Jade Revealed as The Game's Newest Quantum Character

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Honkai: Star Rail 2.3: Jade



Jade is an upcoming Quantum Erudition character in Honkai: Star Rail who will arrive in patch 2.3.
She will be in the second half of patch 2.3 with Firefly taking up the first half.

Hoyoverse just revealed the second 5-star character for patch 2.3 and it is Jade. We got a first look at her design during Aventurine's storyline in 2.1 and it looks like Jade will join the playable roster very soon.

Who is Jade in Honkai: Star Rail?

While details remain scarce, Jade holds a prominent position as a member of the enigmatic Ten Stonehearts. She works closely with other Stonehearts, particularly Topaz, and is believed to have played a role in Aventurine's recruitment into the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC).

As a Stoneheart, Jade wields a Cornerstone, a fragment imbued with the power of Diamond. Interestingly, Jade entrusted her Cornerstone to Aventurine for his mission in Penacony, hinting at a potential connection between their roles or a deeper trust between them.

"Wealth is the recipe to happiness. Giving it to those who desire happiness is making the best use of it. In this way, my job also brings people happiness. Anyone can receive this blessing... They only have to pay an equivalent price."

According to the official drip marketing: Jade is a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. Her Cornerstone is "Jade of Credit." A cold and elegant moneylender, she is skilled at understanding the human heart, with a personal hobby called "Bonajade Exchange." She's willing to wait patiently for high-value acquisitions and adept at extracting value from seemingly destitute clients.

Honkai: Star Rail: Jade Leaked Kit

This is a very early leaked kit that has been doing the rounds online. The patch 2.3 beta is not live yet so things are highly subject to change. While leaks can give you an idea of what to expect, wait for the official 2.3 livestream next month to get a more accurate look at Jade's kit.

Basic ATK
Deals Quantum DMG to a single target and adjacent targets.

Applies the Nephrite effect to a single ally. At the start of Jade's own turn, Nephrite's remaining duration decreases by 1. At most 1 ally can have the Nephrite effect.
When the ally with Nephrite attacks an enemy, Jade deals Additional Quantum DMG to the attacked target(s).
If the ally with Nephrite is not Jade, Nephrite will also increase this ally's SPD, and will consume a percentage of this ally's Max HP when Nephrite is applied, draining to 1 HP if HP is insufficient.
In auto combat, this skill will prioritize Erudition path characters.

Deals Quantum DMG to all enemies and gains a certain number of Enhanced Follow-Up charges.
When Jade performs a follow-up attack, if Jade has Enhanced Follow-Up charges, she will consume 1 charge to make this attack deal extra DMG.

When allies with Nephrite attacks enemies, every enemy attacked will provide Jade with a certain number of Credits. When Jade uses Basic ATK or Ultimate, every enemy attacked will provide Jade with 1 Credit. These two effects can be triggered simultaneously, but every enemy can only trigger each of them once in every attack event.
When Jade reaches a certain number of Credits, she will consume this number of Credits to unleash a follow-up attack, dealing Quantum DMG to all enemy targets.
For every enemy that appears on field, Jade will gain 1 stack of Jadeite, increasing her ATK. This effect persists even after the enemy is defeated or leaves. When Jade performs a follow-up attack, she will gain a certain number of stacks of Jadeite. The number of Jadeite stacks has an upper limit.

Trace #1
When allies with Nephrite performs an attack, Jade will regenerate some Energy.

Trace #2
Upon entering battle, Jade's action is advanced by a certain amount.

Trace #3
Every stack of Jadeite will also increase Jade's Crit DMG.
After any enemy is defeated by any entity, Jade's Crit DMG will be increased. This effect has an upper limit.

When Jade enters the overworld, will summon an following entity. This entity will inflict Blind to nearby enemies. Blinded enemies cannot detect your team.
Upon using this technique, Jade will shoot a bullet at an enemy. If the bullet hit an enemy with Blind, will apply an effect to Jade and another effect to all enemies after entering battle.

When Will Jade Release in Honkai: Star Rail?

Jade's banner is expected to arrive around 8th July 2024 but patch 2.3 will arrive around 18th June with Firefly's banner in the first half.

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