Honkai Star Rail 2.2: Robin Abilities, Eidolons, Bonus Traces

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Robin - Honkai: Star Rail


Shule Deyu / Hoyoverse

Robin is an upcoming Harmony character in Honkai: Star Rail who is expected to be highly synergistic with follow-up attackers.

Robin is an upcoming Physical Harmony unit in Honkai Star Rail 2.2. She is one of the most important characters in the ongoing Penacony story and will be playable next patch alongside Boothill and Harmony Trailblazer. Her leaked kit is available in the 2.2 beta and here's a quick look at her eidolons, bonus traces and abilities.

WARNING: All of the information below is based on leaks and things are subject to change and are not indicative of the final state of the character. Please wait for the 2.2 livestream to get an accurate view of Robin's kit in case of any buffs and nerfs to her kit in the beta.

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks: Robin's Skills

All skills are assumed to be level 10 and her basic attack is assumed to be level 6.

Basic Attack: Deals Physical DMG equal to 100% of Robin's ATK to a single enemy.

Skill: Increase DMG dealt by all allies by 50%, lasting for 3 turn(s). This duration decreases by 1 at the start of Robin's turn.

Ultimate: Robin enters the Concerto state, increasing all allies' ATK by 22.8% plus 200 of Robin's ATK causing all allies except Robin to immediately take action. After every attack by allies, Robin deals Additional Physical DMG equal to 120% of her ATK 1 time. The CRIT Rate for this damage is set at 100% and CRIT DMG is set at 150%.
When in the Concerto state, Robin is immune to Crowd Control debuffs, and cannot take turn or action before the Concerto state ends.
A Concerto countdown appears on the Action Order bar. When the countdown's turn begins, Robin exits the Concerto state and immediately takes action. The countdown has its own fixed SPD of 90.

Additional DMG
Causes the target being hit to take extra DMG, which is not considered an attack.

Crowd Control debuff
Freeze, Entanglement, Imprisonment, Dominated, Outrage, Strong Reverberation, and Alien Dream

Passive: Increase all allies' CRIT DMG by 20%. Also, after allies attack enemy targets, Robin additionally regenerates 2 Energy for herself.

Technique: After using Technique, creates a dimension around the character that lasts for 15 seconds. Enemies within this dimension will not attack Robin and will follow Robin while the dimension is active. After entering battle while the dimension is active, Robin additionally regenerates 5 Energy at the start of each wave. Only 1 dimension created by allies can exist at the same time.

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks: Robin's Bonus Traces

Coloratura Cadenza: When the battle begins, this character's action is Advanced Forward by 25.0%.

Impromptu Flourish: While in the Concerto state, all allies' CRIT DMG dealt when launching follow-up attacks increases by 10.0%.

Sequential Passage: When this character's current HP percentage is 50.0% or lower, additionally restores HP equal to 2.0% of the character's Max HP when their Talent is triggered.

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks: Eidolons

E1: When Robin is in the Concerto state, all allies who use a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate will gain 1 stack of Ornament. Units with Ornament increase their SPD by 15.0%, stacking up to 2.0 stack(s), and the Multiplier of the Additional Physical DMG dealt by Robin after this ally attacks increases by 72.0%.

E2: Additionally increase the Talent's CRIT DMG Boost effect by 20.0% and Energy Regeneration effect by1.0 Energy.

E3: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

E4: When Robin uses her Ultimate, dispels Crowd Control debuffs from all allies and increases the Effect RES of all allies by 50.0% while Robin is in the Concerto state.

E5: Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

E6: While Robin is in the Concerto state, all allies' All-Type RES PEN increases by 20.0%. Further, the CRIT DMG of the first 6.0 triggered Additional DMG instances increases by 200.0%. The trigger count resets after the Ultimate is used.

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