Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Beta: Acheron Abilities, Eidolons and More


Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Beta: Acheron Abilities, Eidolons and More

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Acheron is an AoE Lightning DPS in Honkai: Star Rail who is set to arrive in patch 2.1.
She will arrive with Aventurine and Gallagher right in time for the game's first anniversary celebrations.

Acheron is Honkai: Star Rail's newest Nihility character who is set to appear in patch 2.1. She is now available in the patch 2.1 beta and we have a first look at her kit. Do note that she is likely to receive balance changes as the beta period progresses. The beta version of her kit is not indicative of the final state of the character so wait for the official character reveal to see if you should be pulling for Acheron.

Honkai Star Rail 2.1: Acheron Abilities

Basic Attack – Trilateral Wiltcross: Deals Lightning DMG equal to 100% of Acheron's ATK to a single enemy.

Skill – Octoboly Flash: Gains 1 points of "Slashed Dream." Inflicts 1 stacks of "Crimson Knot" on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to 160% of Acheron's ATK to them, as well as Lightning DMG equal to 60% of Acheron's ATK to adjacent targets.

Ultimate – Slashed Dream Cries in Red: Unleashes Rainblade, deals Lightning DMG equal to 24% of Acheron's ATK to a single enemy, and removes up to 3 stacks of Crimson Knot from the target.
When Crimson Knot is removed, deals Lightning DMG equal to 15% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies 1 time, with the DMG multiplier for this attack additionally increased by 15% for every stack of Crimson Knot removed.
After unleashing Rainblade 3 times, immediately unleashes Stygian Resurge, dealing Lightning DMG equal to 120% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies, and removing all Crimson Knot stacks.
Crimson Knot is not inflicted upon enemies during the Ultimate.

Honkai Star Rail: Acheron Traces

Talent – Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness: When Slashed Dream reaches 9 point(s), the Ultimate can be unleashed. During the Ultimate, deplete enemies' Toughness regardless of Weakness Types and reduce all enemies' All-Type RES by 20% until the end of the Ultimate.
When any unit inflicts debuffs on an enemy target while using an ability, Acheron gains 1 point of Slashed Dream and inflicts Crimson Knot on the enemy target. This effect can be triggered up to 1 time per action. If the used ability inflicts debuff on multiple enemies, 1 stack of Crimson Knot will be inflicted on the enemy with the most Crimson Knot stacks.
When Acheron is on the battlefield and after an enemy target leaves the battlefield or is defeated, their Crimson Knot stacks will be transferred to the enemy target with the most current Crimson Knot stacks.

Technique – Quadrivalent Ascendance: Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, Acheron gains 2 point(s) of Slashed Dream and deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% of Acheron’s ATK to all enemies, as well as inflicting 2 stack(s) of Crimson Knot on a single random enemy. If the enemy has Red Karma, they will be immediately defeated and will not enter combat. The Technique Point is not spent if the attack does not hit an enemy.

Honkai: Star Rail: Acheron Eidolons

E1- Silence Sky Spake Sooth: CRIT Rate increases by 18% when dealing DMG to debuffed enemies.

E2 - Mute Thunder in Still Tempest: The number of characters on the Path of Nihility required for the highest value of the Trace, The Abyss, is reduced by 1. At the beginning of Acheron’s turn, gain 1 point of Slashed Dream. Additionally, inflict 1 stack of Crimson Knot on an enemy with the most Crimson Knot.

E4 - Shrined Fire for Mirrored Soul: When using the Ultimate, inflicts Ultimate DMG Vulnerability to all enemies, increasing the Ultimate DMG taken by 12%, lasting for 2 turn(s).

E6- Apocalypse, the Emancipator: The Ultimate’s CRIT DMG increases by 60%, and the DMG from Acheron’s Basic ATK and Skill will be considered as Ultimate DMG.

When Will Acheron Release in Honkai: Star Rail?

Patch 2.1 is set to release around 27th March 2024.

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