Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Livestream: Stellar Jade Codes and Highlights



Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Livestream: Stellar Jade Codes and Highlights

Daniel Royte
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The Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Livestream was a spectacle, delivering not only coveted Stellar Jade codes but also exciding glimpses of the game's upcoming update.
From the community favorite Stellar Jade codes, to sneak peeks of 1.4's Story, Events and other exciting details, the livestream contained a lot of important information.
Here's a breakdown of all the key highlights from the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 livestream.

The Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Livestream has concluded, leaving fans in excitement. The livestream provided a plethora of information about what to expect in the upcoming Version 1.4 update, including new characters, banners, and possibly even a glimpse into a new world to explore. Here's a breakdown of all the key highlights from the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 livestream.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Livestream Codes

Here are all the codes that were given out during the 1.4 livestream of Honkai Star Rail:


  • JSPRZ272S9JB


Codes will be valid till 12 PM 30/09/2023 UTC+8 (9:30 AM IST)

How to redeem Honkai Star Rail codes

There are two main ways to redeem your Honkai: Star Rail codes. Here's what you need to do to redeem in-game: 

  1. Log into the game

  2. Open the phone menu

  3. Click on the three dots to the right of your character portrait

  4. Select the redemption code option

  5. Enter your code and redeem

  6. Head to your mailbox in the top right to claim your rewards

Here's how to do it online:

  1. Head to the HoYoverse Honkai: Star Rail redemption site

  2. Log in and select your server

  3. Enter a code

  4. Collect your rewards from the in-game mailbox

New Characters and Banners

Version 1.4 promises to be a game-changing update, introducing two new 5-Star characters and one new 4-Star character. Here's a glimpse of these captivating additions:

  • Jingliu: This formidable 5-star Ice Element user hails from the Destruction Path, carrying the title of "Transcendent Flash." Her backstory is entwined with legends, gods, and betrayal, making her a character of immense intrigue.

  • Topaz & Numby: Topaz, a 5-star Fire Element user on the Hunt Path, holds the position of Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department. Numby, her trusty companion, plays a vital role in their adventures.

  • Guinaifen: A 4-star Fire Element user from the Nihility Path, Guinaifen is a passionate street performer who stumbled into Xianzhou. Her unique skills include unconventional feats like eating noodles upside down and catching projectiles with her bare hands.

New Events

  • Aetherium Wars - An Interastral Tournament Festival where Trailblazers will battle various opponents.

  • Planar Infinity - A Simulated Universe Event that will add new Blessings, Curios, and other rewards for a limited period.

  • Gift of Oddysey - A new 7-day Login Event to get up to 10 total Special Passes/Summons.

  • Realm of The Strange - During the event, Cavern of Corrosion Rewards will be doubled.

As players eagerly await the official release of the 1.4 update, they can look forward to captivating new characters, exciting banners, and the possibility of embarking on adventures in a new world.

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