Honkai Star Rail 1.3: Fu Xuan Release Date, Banner Countdown, Should You Pull

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Honkai Star Rail 1.3: Fu Xuan


Fu Xuan is set to arrive in Honkai Star Rail patch 1.3's second half on 20th September.
She is a Quantum Preservation character who can reduce incoming damage for all allies and also remove debuffs.

Honkai Star Rail’s Aurum Valley event just ended and Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s banner is going away soon which means that Fu Xuan’s banner is just around the corner. While Imbibitor Lunae is a fantastic character, a lot of players are saving their Stellar Jade for Fu Xuan instead as she seems to be capable of solo sustaining a team thanks to her incredible damage reduction capabilities. If you are wondering when her banner drops and if you should pull for her, here’s what you need to know.

Should you pull Fu Xuan?

Fu Xuan is being hyped as one of the best Preservation characters we have right now. There are videos out there that showcase her solo sustaining a team in Memory of Chaos Floor 10 without needing a healer. If you do not have Gepard or Luocha, her pull value is a lot higher and you should try and get her. We recommend waiting a few days after her banner drops before deciding as it will give you time to look at other people’s opinions on the character and see where she fits in the current meta.

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Fu Xuan banner countdown

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan skills and traces


Using her skill activates the Poor View Formation effect.

Poor View Formation:

  • When all party members are alive, the damage received by all allies will be reduced by ?%.

  • Max 4 allies.

  • ?% of all damage taken by party members other than Fu Xuan will be mitigated by her.

  • This effect lasts for 3 turns.


  • When she takes damage while the Poor View Formation effect is active, she will gain 1 stack of Appraisal.

  • Each stack increases Fu Xuan’s Max HP by ?%, lasting for 2 turns.

  • This effect stacks up to ? times.


Deals Quantum DMG equal to ?% of her ATK to all enemies. Deals additional Quantum DMG equal to ?% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP. Resets the number of times Fu Xuan’s Talent has been triggered.


When Fu Xuan is able to fight, she grants the Avoid Misfortune effect to all party members. This effect reduces all damage received by ?%. Fu Xuan will also gain a DMG Bonus based on the amount of HP she has lost. For every  % of her Max HP lost, Fu Xuan’s own DMG increases by ?%. This DMG Bonus will not exceed ?%.

Additionally, when Fu Xuan’s current HP is less than or equal to ?% of her Max HP, she will regain HP by swapping the percentage of her Max HP lost, with the percentage of her current HP.

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan ascension and level-up materials

Ascension Level 1:

  • Artifex’s Module (5)

  • Credits (4,000)

Ascension Level 2:

  • Artifex’s Cogwheel (15)

  • Credits (8,000)

Ascension Level 3:

  • Artifex’s Cogwheel (6)

  • Nail of the Ape (3)

  • Credits (16,000)

Ascension Level 4:

  • Artifex’s Gyreheart (6)

  • Nail of the Ape (7)

  • Credits (40,000)

Ascension Level 5:

  • Artifex’s Gyreheart (6)

  • Nail of the Ape (20)

  • Credits (80,000)

Ascension Level 6:

  • Artifex’s Gyreheart (9)

  • Nail of the Ape (35)

  • Credits (160,000)

Level up

  • Credits: 3 million

  • Endurance of Bronze: 18

  • Artifex’s Module: 41

  • Oath of Steel: 69

  • Artifex’s Cogwheel: 56

  • Artifex’s Gyreheart: 58

  • Regret of Infinite Ochema: 12

  • Tracks of Destiny: 8

  • Safeguard of Amber: 38

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