Complete List of Aeons in Honkai Star Rail



Complete List of Aeons in Honkai Star Rail

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Aeons in Honkai Star are god-like entities that represent a Path to which characters in the story draw power from.
There are a total of 18 Aeons in Honkai Star Rail.
Here is the complete list of all Aeons in Honkai Star Rail explained for players.

Aeons in Honkai Star Rail bear a resemblance to Genshin Impact's Archons. These celestial beings embody distinct Paths from which in-game characters also draw their power. There are a total of 18 Aeons in Honkai Star Rail but five are considered deceased, according to the lore. There are only eight Paths that are currently playable in the game. However, more may be released in future updates as the game continues to expand its story. Here is a complete list of all Aeons in Honkai Star Rail and a little bit of their backstory and their role in the overarching story of the game.

All 18 Aeons in Honkai Star Rail explained

Aha - The Elation

Referred to as the Aeon of Joy, Aha manifests as a non-humanoid entity adorned with a collection of masks. Aha imbues their devotees with the essence of enjoying life's pleasures, guiding them to find delight in the unforeseen twists of destiny. The Masked Fools faction ardently worships Aha, convinced that the world's truth is merely a joke, and that "the ultimate meaning of all things lies in mere laughter."

Aha - The Elation Aeon in Honkai Star Rail


Akivili - The Trailblazer

The Astral Express Crew in Honkai Star Rail travels the vast sea of stars in the name of Akivili. Those who follow the path of Akivili are bound to travel to distant stars and trailblaze to unknown frontiers.

Ena - The Order

Not much information has been unveiled about Ena except for the fact that the celestial entity was absorbed by Xipe, the Aeon of the Harmony path. According to Herta, a faction called Beyond the Sky Choir used to worship Ena but lost their faith when the Aeon disappeared.

Fuli - The Remembrance

It is said that Fuli meticulously chronicles all that has been forgotten and prepares for the eventual rebirth of the universe. According to the Genius Society and the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), Fuli rarely shows up in front of mortals. But on rare occasions, the Aeon of The Remembrance takes on a humanoid form carved out of crystal.

HooH The Equilibrium

It is believed that HooH is in charge of maintaining the balance of all things in the universe. In the game, players take on challenges to raise their Equilibrium Level which increases the difficulty of the game but also provides more rewards.

IX - The Nihility

The existence of IX is shrouded in mystery. However, what is known is that they do not interact with other Aeons and believe the multiverse will eventually end in nothingness.

Idrila - The Beauty

Edrila is one of the few Aeons in Honkai Star Rail that disappeared. They are considered as the “pure goodness of the material world sensed and defined by intelligent lifeforms.” The Aeon of The Beauty has a group of dedicated followers called the Knights of Beauty.

Lan - The Hunt

Also known as the Reignbow Arbiter, Lan was a mortal who led the Xianzhou army in a war against the Heliobi. As an Aeon, they now roam endlessly in the vast space in hopes of purging all undead beings that once poisoned their homeland.

Lan - The Hunt Aeon in Honkai Star Rail


Long - The Permanence

Not much is known about Long. However, the name is derived from the Chinese character for “Dragon” which may be a hint at what the Aeon may look like. They are also responsible for the existence of the Long's Scions, commonly known as the Vidyadhara.

Mythus - The Enigmata

Artistic minds in the world of Honkai Star Rail seem to follow Mythus with the belief that “things in themselves are beyond perception," and that everything should remain enigmatic.

Nanook - The Destruction

The first Aeon that players meet in Honkai Star Rail. Nanook is the leader of the Antimatter Legion, the main antagonist faction in the game. It is believed that the Aeon of Destruction destroyed their own world when they were born.

Nanook - The Destruction Aeon in Honkai Star Rail


Nous - The Erudition

Originating as an astral supercomputer, Nous ascended to the esteemed rank of Aeon. Devotees of this celestial being include the exceptional intellects within the Genius Society, renowned as the most brilliant minds in the universe.

Oroboros - The Voracity

Known as the “unsatisfied devourer of worlds,” it is believed that Oroboros’s form is a Leviathan.

Qlipoth - The Preservation

In contrast to the Aeon of The Voracity path, Qlipoth assumes the role of a world protector. Nevertheless, their approach to safeguarding these planets involves isolating each one, a strategy that conflicts with the principles of the IPC which wishes to promote civilized trade and contact between stars.

Qlipoth - The Preservation Aeon in Honkai Star Rail


Tayzzyronth - The Propagation

The Propagation path is believed to have been born out of a desire for loneliness. After the disappearance of Long The Prominence, “Tayzzyronth metamorphosed into a self-duplicating horror, a torrent of infinite propagation,“ before being defeated by other Aeons.

Terminus - The Finality

Terminus, an Aeon that journeys against the flow of time, is thought to navigate through expansive space while whispering a prophecy fated to be fulfilled someday.

 Xipe - The Harmony

The Harmony path represents all that preaches the joy of harmony and unity. The reason why Xipe absorbed the Ena The Order is because of their colliding paths. 

Yaoshi - The Abundance

As an Aeon that blessed people with immortality, Yaoshi gained devout followers known as the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus. While the thought of being immortal sounds tempting, this also resulted in undead monsters known as the Mara-Struck which Lan the Hunt swore to purge. 

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