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Aventurine's Drip Marketing Drops Ahead of Honkai: Star Rail's Version 2.1 Update

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Aventurine is set to arrive in version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail alongside Acheron.
He is a 5-star Imaginary Preservation unit who can also dish out damage to enemies that attack you.

We are days away from the release of Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 and Hoyoverse is already dropping teasers for patch 2.1. From showing off a host of upcoming characters from Penacony to dropping new trailers every day, the hype train for future Star Rail content shows no signs of stopping. Today, we got a look at Aventurine, our newest 5-star Preservation unit. Here's a quick look at his kit.

Aventurine's Identity in Honkai: Star Rail

He works in the Strategic Investment Department of the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), suggesting a high-ranking position within the organization. Currently, we only hear him briefly at the end of the "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" main quest in the "Trailblaze Continuance" chapter which introduced us to Topaz.

During the quest, he mentions to Topaz (another IPC employee) that he has work for her in Penacony, hinting at his involvement in the upcoming content.

While not officially confirmed, some theories suggest he's part of the mysterious Ten Stonehearts group in the IPC and we are likely to meet him in-game during Penacony's storyline. Even with limited exposure, his interaction with Topaz suggests he may play a significant role in future plotlines.

His kit was leaked back during one of the game's pre-launch betas and he is expected to be our second limited Preservation character after Fu Xuan.

Aventurine's Kit in Honkai Star Rail

5- star The Preservation: Imaginary

Basic ATK:

Deal Imaginary DMG equal to Aventurine's DEF.


Provides all allies with an exclusive shield capable of absorbing damage equal to ?% of Aventurine's DEF, the shield can come with a random suit, lasting for? turns. When Aventurine uses Skill again, it will refresh any suit except Spades, and provide all allies with increased shield value, shield cannot absorb damage more than ?% of Aventurine's DEF + ? damage.


Randomly gain 1 to ? points of energy, then deal Imaginary DMG equal to ?% of Aventurine's DEF.


When any ally under the exclusive shield gets attacked, Aventurine will accumulate energy, a Spades shield will accumulate ? energy, any other suits will only accumulate 1 energy. When energy points reach 6, Aventurine will refresh all suits of all allies and increase his own DEF by ?%, lasting for? turns, after which consuming all 6 energy to perform ? follow-up attacks, and for every attack, deals Imaginary DMG equal to ?% of Aventurine's DEF to a random enemy target on the field. Max energy accumulation is 10.


In the next battle, Aventurine receives a shield equal to ?% of Aventurine'sDEF, also increasing the chances of being attacked by enemy target, this lasts for ? turns.

Aventurine Eidolons

E1: After using Ultimate, Aventurine receives a buff, increases the chances of being attacked by enemy targets, also when he obtains a suit it will definitely be Spades, this lasts for ? turns.

E2: When using skill, increases the chances of debuff resist of all allies by ?%, lasting for? turns.

E3: Ultimate lv +2, until lv 15; Basic Atk lv +1, until lv 10.

E4: After using Basic Atk, will deal an extra Imaginary DMG equal to ?% of all allies' Shield Value, this can only trigger again after ? turns

E5: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum Lv. 15.

E6: For every ally that has a shield, Aventurine's damage output increases by ?%.

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