All Path of Erudition Blessings in Honkai Star Rail 1.6



All Path of Erudition Blessings in Honkai Star Rail 1.6

Abhimannu Das
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Path of Erudition has been added to the Simulated Universe of Honkai Star Rail's Simulated Universe.
We recommend picking every blessing at least once during any of your runs to get a bunch of free Stellar Jade.

Path of Eruditon has finally been added to the Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail patch 1.6. Once unlocked, you will be able to access it in not just the new Gold and Gears DLC of Honkai Star Rail but also the other formats within the Simulated Universe. If you are wondering what the available Blessings are for the path of Erudition, we have a complete list of resonances and Blessings for you to check out.

What is Brain in a Jar?

Just like mechanics like Devoid, and Aftertaste, Path of Harmony also has its own mechanics. The Brain in a Jar mechanic states that Temporary Energy may be granted to characters to enable them to use Ultimate for an extra time when they use it in ways other than Brain in a Jar and if Brain in a Jar's Enlightenment Charge ratio is 100%. The temporary Energy lasts until the start of the new turn. It consumes all Enlightenment Charges if the Ultimate is activated an extra time.

Path Resonances for Path of Erudition in Honkai Star Rail

  • Activating Path resonance inflicts Synapse Resonance on all opponents and deals Imaginary damage to them.

  • Ultimate deals more damage to the enemy with the highest Max HP when it activates Synapse Resonance.

  • Synapse Resonance activates more times when characters defeat opponents with the effect.

  • Path Resonance regenerates Energy when new adversaries are summoned or encountered.

Synapse Resonance: The enemy with the highest Max HP will take additional damage after getting hit by a character. The damage scales with the character's ATK stat.

All Blessings for Path of Erudition in Honkai Star Rail

1-star Blessings of Erudition

  • Depending on the number of Blessings of Erudition players have in possession, Ultimate deals more damage.

  • Increases Ultimate CRIT Rate.

  • Increases Ultimate CRIT DMG.

  • After a character uses their ultimate, the damage of their next attack increases.

  • After using an ability categorized as an AoE (Area of Effect) ability, the character's ATK stat increases.

  • Characters get healed after unleashing their Ultimate.

2-star Blessings of Erudition

  • Ultimates deal more CRIT DMG if activated with the Brain in a Jar. The CRIT DMG bonus lasts until the character's next attack.

  • The character's Energy charges the Brain in a Jar when it surpasses its limit.

  • Characters obtain a Shield when activating Ultimate using the Brain in a Jar.

  • Characters deal additional damage based on the number of enemies hit and the number of enemies defeated during the battle after an attack.

  • All Ultimates deal increased damage and, after entering battle, regenerates Energy.

  • The character's AoE ability deals additional damage based on the original ability damage if it only hits one opponent.

  • Unleashing Ultimate delays the actions of all Weakness Broken enemies.

3-star Blessings of Erudition

  • The Brain in a Jar charges when attacking a Weakness Broken enemy or breaking an enemy's Weakness. The Energy for the Brain in a Jar increases after entering combat.

  • Inflicting lethal damage to enemies charges Brain in a Jar. Characters will get an SPD bonus when the Jar is fully charged.

  • Increases Ultimate's RES PEN bonus. The RES PEN bonus of the Ultimate damage increases with the maximum number of enemies attacked during the battle.

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