5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail



5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail

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The Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail is a Preservation type character in the game.
The Main Character can change their Path based on what is currently made available for them. For now, only Destruction and Preservation are available.
Here are 5 reasons why players should build Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail.

The Fire MC (Main Character) in Honkai Star Rail, also known as the Trailblazer, is arguably one of the most reliable tanks in the game, especially for new players. The character offers consistent shields for the entire party as well as a taunt mechanic to prevent other vulnerable allies from being attacked. While there are a lot of other options for Preservation characters, the Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail remains viable in the meta due to various reasons besides their ability to easily reset team-wide shields. For those who are not yet convinced, here are 5 reasons why players should build Fire MC in Honkai Star Rail.

5 reasons why Fire MC is a must-have tank in Honkai Star Rail

1. Free eidolons and easy to build

As the main character, players can have access to all of the Fire MC’s Eidolons just by progressing through the game. This means they can easily reach their peak potential, unlike other characters.

Fire MC has Free eidolons and is easy to build


2. An SP-Positive tank

The Fire MC can provide a shield for all of their allies by simply casting any of their abilities. This includes their basic attack. This means players won’t have to worry about spending SP just to gain a shield or protection. 

3. Cheap Fire element toughness breaker

Fire MC will mostly just use their basic attack to cast a shield and break enemy toughness bars and will not have much of a reason to cast their skill unless a taunt is needed. Their basic attacks can also get enhanced after being hit multiple times or after using their Ultimate Ability, further adding more value to their capabilities in breaking Toughness bars.

Fire MC is a Cheap Fire element toughness breaker


4. Potential to get better as the game progresses

For now, the Fire MC is the strongest version of the Trailblazer. However, as the game progresses and new updates introduce new elements, it's possible that future versions could potentially surpass its power and capabilities. This means that upgrading the MC can also serve as a future investment when they get their next upgrade.

5. Can prevent allies from being hit

Their skill “Ever-Burning Amber” can Taunt all allies for 1 turn while also gaining DMG reduction. This means other characters in the party are safe from any form of single-target attacks for a turn. This is quite useful for characters like Yanqing who requires not getting hit to prevent losing his Soulsteel Sync passive.

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