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5 Characters You Should Be Using With Lynx in Honkai Star Rail

Abhimannu Das
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Lynx is Honkai Star Rail’s newest Abundance character and she synergizes perfectly with mono Quantum teams.
Here are five characters that you should be using Lynx with in Honkai Star Rail.

Lynx is Honkai Star Rail’s newest 4-star character. She treads on the Path of Abundance, which means that she is the second 4-star healer to join the game’s roster after Natasha. If you do not have Luocha or Bailu, and desperately need a second healer for your Memory of Chaos clears, she is available in the ongoing Fu Xuan banner right now. However, one thing you should know about her kit is that she can boost taunt/aggro levels of allies, which can lead to unexpected synergies. Here are five characters that you need to be using with Lynx in Honkai Star Rail.

Best characters to pair with Lynx

Seele (Mono Quantum)

If you have a mono Quantum team, Lynx is the only healer available in the game right now. While Fu Xuan can solo sustain a team in most cases, Lynx can add a layer of comfort while also giving you access to a Seele and Silver Wolf-based Quantum team.


Clara wants to get hit as much as possible and you can use Lynx to boost her taunt level. Unlike Blade, Clara does not have self-healing unless you have her 5-star signature light cone so Lynx can offer some amazing synergy for your team.

Qinque (Mono Quantum) 

If you happen to have Silver Wolf but not Seele, Qingque can offer you some incredibly high damage. At E6, she can outscale Seele’s damage and is one of the most slept-on characters in the game. Qingque and Lynx can help you make a more accessible version of the mono Quantum team.


It sounds anti-synergistic at first, but Lynx can boost Blade’s aggro and allow him to get hit more frequently. More importantly, Lynx has an area of effect cleanse unlike Natasha who is single target. This allows you to remove status effects from your party more consistently even if you don’t have Luocha.


While Gepard is a fantastic tank, one of the areas where he lacks is Energy Regeneration. You can use a Rope (relic) to gain his ultimate more consistently but it is not enough for 100% uptime. Lynx can help Gepard get his ultimate back more consistently and have his shield up for everyone at all times. More importantly, Lynx is Gepard’s little sister. Why wouldn’t you run the siblings together?

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