Who is Makoto in Genshin Impact?



Who is Makoto in Genshin Impact?

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Raiden Makoto in Genshin Impact is a twin sister of Ei.
Makoto is also known as Baal or the original Electro Archon of Inazuma.
The story of Raiden Makoto in Genshin Impact unveils a tale of sacrifice, sibling bonds, and the pursuit of peace.

Raiden Makoto, known as Baal or the God of Eternity, holds a prominent position within the captivating world of Genshin Impact. As the original Electro Archon of Inazuma, she played a pivotal role in shaping the region's rich history and governing its people. Makoto's significance further amplifies as she emerges as the twin sister of Ei, who also existed during the tumultuous Archon War. Their extraordinary journey took a dramatic turn when Ei made a selfless sacrifice, relinquishing her own physical form to pave the way for her twin sister’s ascension to Celestia as one of The Seven. In this article, we embark on a profound exploration into the lore of Makoto in Genshin Impact, unveiling the depths of her relationship with Ei and the cataclysmic events that forged their intertwined destinies.

Raiden Makoto and Ei: Twin Gods of Inazuma

Raiden Makoto and Ei were twin gods who lived during the Archon War. Despite Ei's formidable combat skills, she believed that Makoto possessed the qualities needed to rule over humanity. After emerging victorious in the war, Ei willingly sacrificed her body so that Makoto could ascend to Celestia and become the Electro Archon. Makoto recreated Ei's body and appointed her as a "kagemusha," or body double, effectively ruling Inazuma together while keeping their true identities concealed.

Makoto's Character and Powers

Described as a kind and gentle god who disliked violence, Raiden Makoto in Genshin Impact was fascinated by human life and possessed the power to predict the future. She valued peace and wielded the Musou Isshin, a sword and a symbol of true peace that later came into Ei's possession. Makoto's reign alongside Ei brought prosperity and harmony to Inazuma, with Ei handling matters that required force while Makoto oversaw general affairs.

The Cataclysm and the Fate of Makoto in Genshin Impact

Tragedy struck 500 years prior to the game's events when monsters began ravaging Inazuma. Makoto, compelled by an unknown force, ventured alone to the fallen city of Khaenri'ah, where she engaged in a fateful battle. Although Ei managed to save a part of Makoto's consciousness, Makoto in Genshin Impact ultimately fell unconscious and passed away. She left behind a torii gate beneath the Grand Narukami Shrine and infused her consciousness into the Musou Isshin, which would awaken when Ei unleashed its full power. Makoto also spawned the Sacred Sakura atop Mt. Yougou, a significant asset in combating the monsters that plagued Inazuma.

Makoto died and his consciousness was infused into the Musou Isshin.


Reunion and Final Farewell:

Following a grueling duel, Ei defeated the Shogun and awakened Makoto's consciousness from the Musou Isshin. In their final encounter, Makoto expressed regret for leaving Ei abruptly, apologizing for her intentions and sharing a seed of the Sacred Sakura. She believed that the creation of the Sacred Sakura involved the entity Istaroth, and without her intervention, Inazuma would have succumbed to darkness.

The Musou Isshin holds what's left of the consciousness of Makoto in Genshin Impact.


The story of Raiden Makoto in Genshin Impact unveils a tale of sacrifice, sibling bonds, and the pursuit of peace. Her role as the original Electro Archon and her intertwined destiny with her twin sister Ei shaped the history of Inazuma. 

Exploring the rich lore and engaging with these captivating characters adds depth to the immersive experience of Genshin Impact, as players discover the intricate tapestry of Raiden Makoto's divine journey and her lasting impact on the world of Teyvat.

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