Top 5 Highest Earning Banners in Genshin Impact History

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Top 5 Highest Earning Banners in Genshin Impact History


One of the key aspects of Genshin Impact's monetization strategy is character banners, which allow players to wish for their favorite characters.
In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top 5 highest-earning banners in Genshin Impact history, based on publicly available data and insights from Genshin Lab.

Genshin Impact and its character banners have become a significant source of revenue for its developer miHoYo. One of the key elements that keeps players engaged is the introduction of character banners, featuring beloved characters and their signature weapons. These banners not only enhance gameplay but also serve as a significant source of revenue for the game. In this article, we'll delve into the top 5 highest-earning banners in Genshin Impact history, based on data from the Chinese iOS market.

1. Hu Tao & Yelan 

Revenue: $46,556,153 USD

Timespan: 7 February - 28 February, 2023

Hu Tao and Yelan banner tops the list as the most successful in Genshin Impact's history. This dynamic duo made waves in the Chinese iOS market, earning an astounding $46,556,153 in just 21 days. Hu Tao's reputation as the "Queen of the Spiral Abyss" and her incredible elemental burst damage, combined with Yelan's synergy, made this banner a must-pull for many players. Their signature weapons, the Staff of Homa and Aqua Simulacra, further sweetened the deal, ensuring players had a chance at powerful items alongside these formidable characters.

2. Raiden Shogun & Ayato 

Revenue: $37,919,130 

Timespan: December 27, 2022 - January 17, 2023

The second spot goes to Raiden Shogun and Ayato, whose banner raked in an impressive $37,919,130. Raiden Shogun's popularity as a top-tier electro character and Ayato's visual appeal and hydro damage-dealing abilities made this banner irresistible. Players found success in building electro-charged and Dendro teams with these characters, solidifying their positions as valuable additions to any roster.

3. Ayaka & Shenhe 

Revenue: $35,962,024 

Timespan: March 21 - April 11, 2023

Ayaka's rerun alongside Shenhe secured the third place on our list, generating a substantial $35,962,024 in revenue. These two cryo characters were frequently used to conquer the challenging Spiral Abyss Floor 12, making them highly sought-after. Ayaka's ability to rival Ganyu in melt teams and Shenhe's role as a cryo damage buffer made this banner a top choice for players looking to enhance their cryo teams.

4. Ayaka Rerun 

Revenue: $35,939,066 

Timespan: April 19 - May 31, 2022

Surprisingly, Ayaka's solo rerun managed to secure the fourth spot on our list, earning $35,939,066 in revenue. Despite being the only character featured in this banner, Ayaka's strength as a cryo DPS and her ability to support other elemental reactions made her a standout choice for players. This banner's extended duration due to pandemic-related issues allowed more players to participate, contributing to its impressive revenue.

5. Nahida & Yoimiya 

Revenue: $34,017,290 

Timespan: November 2 - November 18, 2022

Closing out our top 5 is Nahida and Yoimiya, whose banner brought in $34,017,290 in revenue during a relatively short 16-day period. Nahida's unique abilities as the Dendro Archon and Yoimiya's prowess as a single-target pyro damage dealer made this banner a hit. Despite its shorter duration, players rushed to pull for these characters, showcasing their popularity and impact on the game's earnings.

These top 5 banners not only introduced exciting characters but also contributed significantly to Genshin Impact's financial success. As the game continues to evolve with new character releases and updates, it will be fascinating to see which banners will rise to the top of the revenue charts in the future.

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