Should You Pull Xianyun (Cloud Retainer) in Genshin Impact 4.4?


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Should You Pull Xianyun (Cloud Retainer) in Genshin Impact 4.4?

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Cloud Retainer is joining the cast of Genshin Impact's playable character roster as Xianyun in Version 4.4. Throughout the beta, we have seen several leaks of her kit that have given us an idea of her role in the game. Her kit is controversial, while some players like it, others have shown disapproval. As the discussions begin on whether players should pull Xianyun, let's take a look at everything we know and debate.

Xianyun's Dual Role as a Healer and Plunging Attack Support

Xianyun's allure lies in her unique kit that combines potent healing abilities with support for plunging attacks. Her being a powerful healer makes her a valuable asset, especially for those lacking characters like Baizhu or Kokomi in their party. Her Elemental Burst not only provides instant healing to the entire party but also grants continuous healing over time, reminiscent of the renowned character Jean.

The key aspect that sets Xianyun apart is her ability to enhance plunge attack damage for other characters. This becomes particularly intriguing for players who have characters like Diluc and Xiao in their lineup. Despite his reliance on elemental infusions, Diluc benefits from Xianyun's plunge attack buff. Xiao, being the sole character in the game centered around plunge attack damage, synergizes with Xianyun's plunge attack support.

The Debate on Xianyun's Plunge Attack Buff

Some members of the community raise questions about the applicability of Xianyun's plunge attack buff. Others argue that even without the benefit of her buffs, her healing makes her a valuable addition. Players may consider pulling for Xianyun for her healing abilities rather than her plunge attack support.

Xianyun's Design and Gameplay

Beyond her functional attributes, Xianyun also boasts an appealing design and engaging gameplay. Her unique playstyle, centered around plunging attacks and healing is something we haven't seen before. For those who appreciate aesthetics and enjoy experimenting with diverse character abilities, pulling for Xianyun for her design and gameplay may be a valid and rewarding choice.

Xianyun's Potential for Exploration

Xianyun's leaked kit details also show her potential as an exploration specialist. Her Elemental Skill allows her to do a high jump and a short glide which will be useful in mountain terrain, such as the upcoming Chenyu Vale. This skill set positions her as an invaluable asset for those who focus on exploration.

The decision to pull for Xianyun depends on individual preferences and team compositions. If you prioritize exploration and want a character who can move through difficult terrain, Xianyun's unique Elemental Skill could be an asset to your team.

But if you don't focus on, or use characters that focus on Plunge Attacks, her buffs will be useless for you and her value as a dedicated support will be less.

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