Is Baizhu Worth Pulling for in Genshin Impact Version 4.2?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Is Baizhu Worth Pulling for in Genshin Impact Version 4.2?</p></div>
Is Baizhu Worth Pulling for in Genshin Impact Version 4.2?


In Version 4.2 of Genshin Impact, Baizhu remains a strong character with excellent healing capabilities, especially in Dendro-based teams.
Baizhu's worth in Genshin Impact Version 4.2 largely depends on your current roster, team composition, and gameplay style
Let's analyze Baizhu's strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision.

Genshin Impact Version 4.2 is fast approaching and it brings with it the potential rerun of Baizhu, the mysterious owner of Bubu Pharmacy. With leaks suggesting his reappearance in the version’s first phase banner, it's time to evaluate whether Baizhu is worth pulling for in the upcoming update. In this article, we'll explore his strengths, weaknesses, and how he fits into the current Genshin Impact meta.

Baizhu's Strengths and Abilities

Before diving into the decision of whether or not to pull for Baizhu, it's essential to understand his strengths and abilities. Baizhu is primarily a healer in Genshin Impact, and he excels at this role. As a Catalyst user, his Normal and Charged Attacks deal Dendro damage, which can trigger various elemental reactions when used effectively.

Additionally, Baizhu provides a shield, although it may not be as robust as some other shield characters in the game. He also boosts the Dendro reaction damage for abilities like Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon, making him an excellent choice for off-field support in Dendro reaction-based teams, especially when paired with characters like Cyno and Keqing.

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Fontaine's HP Draining Mechanics

With the introduction of the new HP draining mechanics in Fontaine, the value of healers in Genshin Impact has significantly increased. Baizhu's healing abilities make him a valuable asset, particularly when characters lose HP upon using their Charged Attacks or Skills. However, it's crucial to note that while Baizhu is a strong healer, he might not be a game-changer or a must-have character.

Is Baizhu a Must-Have Character?

While Baizhu is undoubtedly a strong healer and support character, he is not a game-changer or a must-have unit in Genshin Impact. Comparatively, other characters like Kokomi and Bennett may offer more utility and versatility. Additionally, some Fontaine characters possess self-healing abilities, which can synergize better with characters like Kokomi and Bennett.

The Bottom Line

Baizhu is not a must-have character for all players, but he has his merits. If you lack a strong healer like Kokomi or Bennett, Baizhu can be a solid choice. His Dendro element and support abilities make him an excellent fit for certain team compositions. However, if you already have a reliable healer, you might consider skipping Baizhu's banner in favor of characters with broader utility.

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