How Old Is Lyney in Genshin Impact


How Old Is Lyney in Genshin Impact?

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Lyney is one of the characters to arrive alongside the Fontaine update in Genshin Impact.
The exact age of Lyney in Genshin Impact is still unknown.
Lyney also has a younger sister named Lynette who acts as his assistant in their performance as magicians.

A lot of players are curious to know how old is Lyney in Genshin Impact. Emerging onto the scene with the Fontaine update, Lyney, along with his sister Lynette, stands as one of the mysterious and interesting characters in the game. Lyney in Genshin Impact will also be arriving as one of the new playable characters in the upcoming version 4.0 banners. He will debut as a 4-star Pyro element character who uses a bow as a weapon. Here is a quick dive into the lore on how old Lyney is in Genshin Impact as well as his backstory.

How old is Lyney in Genshin Impact?

As the Fontaine update is still new, the exact age of Lyney is still unknown. However, what is confirmed is that he is older than his sister Lynette. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future as HoYoverse reveals more information about the new characters in the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

Players should take note that Lyney’s stature in the game cannot be used as a basis for guessing his age as there are characters who look short or tall but are a few hundred or even thousands of years old. 

Who is Lyney in Genshin Impact

Lyney in Genshin Impact is a mysterious magician with violet eyes, pale skin, and short pale hair pulled back in a braided style. He has a tear-shaped mark on his right cheek.

According to the in-game character profile, he is “A famed Fontainian magician who possesses great stage presence as well as gift of the gab. Audiences are enthralled by his exquisite skills, and they hang on to his every clever word.”

Lyney also has a sister named Lynette who acts as his assistant in their performance. Both characters will debut as playable characters in the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

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