Genshin Impact Voice Actors Expose Payment Delays: Call Out HoYoverse



Genshin Impact Voice Actors Expose Payment Delays: Calls Out HoYoverse

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Genshin Impact voice actors Brandon Winckler and Corina Boettger claimed that they have not received payment from HoYoverse for months.
The two voice actors voiced out that the video game industry needs a Union that can guarantee fair wages and compensations.
HoYoverse is yet to issue an official statement regarding this issue.

Recently, Genshin Impact voice actors (VA) Brandon Winckler and Corina Boettger made a revelation stating that they have not received their due payments from HoYoverse, the developers behind the popular game. Through multiple Twitter posts, the two VAs expressed their frustrations after submitting their concerns to the publisher without receiving a response. Winckler and Boettger claim that their payments have been delayed for months now. The voice actors also shared how delayed payments are a common occurrence in non-union productions which is a cause for concern, especially since Genshin Impact has become one of the biggest and most successful video game franchises. 

Genshin Impact VAs calls out HoYoverse for delayed payments

In a Twitter thread, Winckler expressed frustration after sending multiple emails without receiving a response. The VA is known as the voice behind characters such as Kazuha’s friend, Takuya, and Nervous An. 

“Pay your f***** actors on time. I'm so sick of waiting 3+ months for payment for literally the BIGGEST video game project out there,” he captioned on a Twitter post.

Winckler made another Twitter post that highlighted the fact that the game generates a substantial monthly revenue of $86 million, making the non-payment issue particularly egregious. 

Winckler mentioned that delayed payments are not uncommon in non-union productions, and they have personally experienced waiting periods of 4-8 months in the past. He argued that a game of Genshin Impact's magnitude should undoubtedly be a union production.

“It's really hard to justify working on something for the sake of work when you can't afford to eat. Many non-union productions have this problem, I've waited anywhere from 4-8 months for payment, and even then, it isn't much to ask. 1000 here, 500 there, and it adds up fast,” he explained.

Boettger, who provides the English voice for the character Paimon in Genshin Impact, supported Winckler's concerns. They revealed that They have been awaiting payment for sessions dating back to December 2022, which has caused financial difficulties in meeting her rent obligations. Boettger emphasized the need for actors to be protected and echoed the call for unions in the industry.

“I have been working for months that have gone unpaid. This is unacceptable AND THAT'S WHY WE NEED VIDEO GAMES TO BE UNION. ACTORS NEED TO BE PROTECTED,” said Boettger.

Typically, in industries like Hollywood, Voiceover performers are part of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and are covered under collective bargaining agreements with this union to guarantee fair wages, health and retirement contributions, residuals and additional compensation, and advocate for vocal health. Currently, the level of unionization within the video game industry is not as widespread or well-established compared to some other entertainment industries.

HoYoverse is yet to make an official statement regarding these allegations. The concerns raised by the two voice actors have highlighted a broader issue of fair compensation and working conditions for voice actors in the gaming industry. Whether this will cause game developers and production companies to prioritize timely payment and establish clear contractual agreements with their actors, is yet to be seen.

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