Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): Events, Schedule, Rewards, How to Get


Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): Events, Schedule, Rewards, How to Get

Time to score some freebies!

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There are multiple Twitch events that Genshin Impact conducts on the livestreaming platform every single month.
Genshin Impact provides players with multiple free rewards through these Twitch Drops, spreading smiles across the community.
These rewards require players to spend a set amount of time watching eligible Genshin Impact streams on the platform.

Like most online titles, Genshin Impact has partnered with Twitch, spreading smiles across its community by offering free rewards. This includes free in-game currency and an assortment of items that are bound to help players out in one way or the other.

Twitch Drops are not always available, they are released now and then, maybe to celebrate an occasion or as part of an important event.

When available, players are granted the opportunity to receive certain rewards in exchange for spending a set amount of time watching eligible Genshin Impact livestreams.

Here are all the Twitch Drops for Genshin Impact that players can receive in February 2024.

Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): Complete Details

Genshin Impact conducts multiple events on Twitch every single month and every one of them always has certain rewards for the players to grab.

These Twitch Drops are always free but players still need to invest their time by watching livestreams of the game for a fixed duration that is pre-determined for each cosmetic.

Some of these Twitch Drops are exclusive items and a few are repeated, giving players multiple attempts to grab them, if missed the first time. Those who have already attained them are compensated in other ways.

Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): Events, Schedule, Rewards

Genshin Impact Twitch Event: V4.4 Genshin Impact Drops

The first event on Twitch for Genshin Impact this month is for Version 4.4 Genshin Impact Drops which is simply a celebration of the latest Version 4.4 of the game, released last month on 31st January.

Players have been granted an opportunity to gain both in-game currency and items as Twitch Drops in this event. It is scheduled to take place from 31st Jan to 20th Feb, during which players will need to accumulate two hours of watch time in total via any eligible Genshin Impact livestream.

  • Event Start Date: 31st Jan, 14:00 IST / 9:30 CET / 3:30 EST / 12:30 PST

  • Event End Date: 12th Feb, 3:00 IST / 22:30 CET / 16:30 EST / 13:30 PST

There are a total of five Twitch Drops that players can claim through this event.

  • 20,000 Mora - 15 Mins

  • 4 Sanctifying Unction - 30 Mins

  • 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore - 1 Hour

  • 3 Hero's Wit - 1.5 Hours

  • 30 Primogem - 2 Hours

Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): V4.4 Genshin Impact Drops Rewards

How to Participate in Genshin Impact Twitch Drop Events?

It is fairly straightforward to participate in all Twitch events for Genshin Impact and claim the Twitch Drops that they have to offer. Those interested can simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First and foremost, players need to have Genshin Impact installed on their systems. It is necessary to have the game to participate in these events and claim all rewards.

  2. Players are required to link their Genshin Impact and Twitch accounts to receive all the rewards. The option to do this is not available on Twitch and players will need to visit the Hoyoverse Website to complete this process.

  3. After the accounts are linked, players can watch any eligible Twitch stream of Genshin Impact to gather the required watch time and claim the Twitch Drops that get unlocked in the process.

  4. Twitch will automatically notify once a reward has been unlocked. Now, players simply need to click on claim to receive the reward and it will be added to their in-game inventory.

  5. Just open the game, and claim your rewards through the in game mail.

Genshin Impact Twitch Drops (Feb 2024): Linking Accounts

We will keep updating this space as more Twitch events pop up for Genshin Impact in February 2024. These may be announced by the developers or might go live without any noise being made, so keep returning here to claim all the Twitch Drops without missing out on any.

The best thing is that all the rewards will be unlocked simultaneously and not one after the other. This means that players do not have to start from zero after unlocking a reward, the watch time simply adds up to the next reward.

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