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Genshin Impact: Mysterious Ore Locations and How to Combine and Use Them

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Genshin Impact's Version 4.1 update brought a treasure hunt like no other, involving Mysterious Ores scattered across the newly introduced Fontaine region.
In this guide, we'll walk you through all seven Mysterious Ore locations, the associated quests, and how to use these Ores effectively.

Genshin Impact has released its Version 4.1 update, and with it comes an intriguing quest that revolves around Mysterious Ores. These mysterious crystals scattered throughout the newly expanded Fontaine region are the key to unlocking a hidden treasure room. In this guide, we'll walk you through all seven Mysterious Ore locations, the associated quests, and how to use these Ores effectively.

Finding the Mysterious Ores

The new area of the Fontaine region, part of the 4.1 update, hides these Mysterious Ores in various locations. To embark on this treasure hunt, you'll need to complete specific World Quests. These quests are:

  1. Unfinished Comedy

  2. Road to the Singularity

  3. Treacherous Light of the Depth

Once these quests are under your belt, you can start your quest to find the Mysterious Ores.

Locations of the Seven Mysterious Ores

  1. First Mysterious Ore: This can be found in a mine shaft during the "An Eye for an Eye" sub-quest of the "Unfinished Comedy" World Quest.

  2. Second Mysterious Ore: Dive into the waterway while completing the "Treacherous Light of the Depths" quest after fixing the Optical Mechanisms and meeting Sevigne.

  3. Third Mysterious Ore: Inside an underground cave below the New Fontaine Research Institute, as part of the "Road to the Singularity" quest.

  4. Fourth Mysterious Ore: Head to Mont Esus East waypoint, dive near the waterfall into a cave, and defeat the Thorny Cyst found at the end. This ore can be obtained by defeating the mini-boss.

  5. Fifth Mysterious Ore: Located near the Experimental Field Generator boss area. Climb the northern walls to reach the highest floor in the area, where you'll find the ore alongside a Radiant Spincrystal.

  6. Sixth Mysterious Ore: Visit the Central Laboratory Ruins Waypoint, glide east toward the Allogravity-Condensed Water Body, and destroy a rock found underwater using the Xenochromatic Jellyfish's ability.

  7. Seventh Mysterious Ore: Head to the waypoint east of the Statue of the Seven in the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. Climb the mechanical structure to find the ore along with a Hydroculus.

How to Use Mysterious Ores

Once you've successfully collected all seven Mysterious Ores, they will automatically combine into an item known as Arkhium Stock. This Arkhium Stock is a component that can be used at the underground Forging Press beyond the Millennial Pearl Seahorse cave.

By utilizing this press, you can create Arkhium Lumenite, which in turn unlocks a secret door southwest of the Experimental Field Generator, near a Teleport Waypoint. Behind this door awaits a wealth of rewards, including treasure chests, a Hydroculus, and various in-game achievements.

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