Genshin Impact May Be Introducing A  Third Character Banner Featuring Older Units


Genshin Impact May Be Introducing A Third Character Banner Featuring Older Units

Abhimannu Das
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Genshin Impact might be adding a third character banner featuring older units in patch 4.5 to make character acquisition easier.
The information reportedly comes from Uncle 404 and is not official and players should wait for an official announcement.

The Genshin Impact community is abuzz with excitement as Uncle 404, a renowned leaker from the Chinese (CN) community, recently disclosed information about a new banner system expected to debut in the upcoming 4.5 update. Known for his accurate predictions and leaks, Uncle 404 has gained credibility by unveiling future content far in advance, including insights into the 4.2 Archon Quest storyline before its release which makes the information about the third banner credible.

Genshin Impact's 4.5 Update Will Introduce a Third Limited Banner

Uncle 404 revealed that a third banner system is on the horizon, set to be a standalone feature from the current double banner format. According to his leaks, this new banner will feature a limited selection of older characters, offering players an alternative route to acquire specific characters without being tied to the regular double banners.

Despite the introduction of the third banner, Uncle 404 reassured players that the pity system will remain consistent. Players can still anticipate a 90-pull guarantee for a 5-star character, with a 180-pull guarantee for the character of their choice. Additionally, the soft pity system at 75 pulls will persist, maintaining the balance in character acquisition mechanics.

Uncle 404 hinted that the new banner system is likely to be implemented in the 4.5 update, so we can expect the new banners to arrive towards the end of the Fontaine content cycle as we get closer to Natlan's release in 5.0. The leaked information suggests that this banner might align with characters related to events introduced in the same patch, offering players thematic choices when selecting characters.

That being said, there is a disclaimer that all players should know about. The forum where Uncle 404 posted used an anonymous profile so it is possible that the person claiming to be Uncle 404 is not the real leaker. We should take the information with a grain of salt and wait for an official announcement.

The addition of a third banner would be highly beneficial for newer players who do not have some of the older characters in the game. Year one characters like Venti, Klee, Albedo and Tartaglia are likely to make an appearance in these banners. With a new character or two coming to the game almost every patch, it is high time that a third banner is added to the game to make character acquisition easier for players.

We have had instances of characters like Eula being left without a rerun banner for months and the change would be highly appreciated by players who are looking to obtain specific characters that they have missed out on.

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