Genshin Impact: Leaked Voice Lines Hint New Playable Characters


Genshin Impact: Leaked Voice Lines Hint New Playable Characters

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Genshin Impact voice line leaks have surfaced online. Neuvillette and other units reference new characters.
Here are all the major Genshin Impact voice line leak characters you need to know about.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Update release is right around the corner, and multiple new leaks have surfaced online, mainly focusing on voice lines. It's not the first time data miners have managed to find voice line leaks, but they're quite interesting this time. Datamine references some characters from the old Fontaine leak. However, since these voice lines are new, players can expect these units to be playable in the future. Here's everything you need to know about the voice line leaks. 

Genshin Impact: Voice Line Leak Hints New Playable Units

In Genshin Impact, specific character names that are referenced in a voice line usually tend to be playable, even if it takes several updates for the unit to be released. Here, we'll focus on voice line leaks from Wriothesley, Neuvillette, and Charlotte.

Neuvillete Voice Line References

Keep in mind that the original voice lines are in Chinese, so we have unofficial translations going around as of now. Neuvillete makes some interesting comments about his judgment toward the Archons, but that's a completely different topic. What we care about are the new units, so here are all the yet-to-be-playable characters Neuvillete references –

  1. Clorinde – Neuvillete comments about Clorinde's strength

  2. Sigewinne – Neuvillete is worried that she'll get bullied and wonders where her next vacation will be.

  3. Navia – Neuvillete is apologetic when thinking about her.

Wriothesely Voice Line References

Wriothesely is one of the upcoming characters in patch 4.1 who debuts alongside Neuvillete. Here are all the yet-to-be-playable characters he references – 

  1. Furina – Wriothesely talks about how he disappointed the water goddess last year and how he plans to bring her more tea.

  2. Sigewinne – Wriothesely acknowledges her as a great healer, but he comments on how she picked up some bad habits from him.

  3. Clorinde – Wriothesely agrees that Clorinde is the best dueling agent with proven strength. 

  4. Navia – It seems like Wriothesely doesn't trust Navia at all, but he doesn't question her abilities.

  5. Emilie – Wriothesely comments about her odor.

  6. Chevreuse – Wriothesely believes she deserves a lot of credit for her work.

Charlotte Voice Line References 

Though we don't know what she says about them, Charlotte has also made references to some of the yet-to-be-playable characters – 

  1. Navia

  2. Clorinde

  3. Emilie

  4. Chiori

  5. Furina

And that's everything we know about Genshin Impact's voice line leaks. Hopefully, we'll see these characters in the game with future updates.

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