Genshin Impact:  Early Arlecchino Kit Leaks Arrive


Genshin Impact: Early Arlecchino Kit Leaks Arrive

Abhimannu Das
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Arlecchino is the eleventh of the Eleven Harbingers in Genshin Impact, also known as "The Knave."
She is expected to be playable in patch 4.6 and we got a first look at her kit through leaks from reliable sources in the community.

Recent leaks suggest Arlecchino might be released in Genshin Impact 4.6, which would put her debut sometime between 24th April and 15th May 2024. However, this is still unconfirmed and could change, so take it with a grain of salt. While we have seen Arlecchino in he game's archon quests after Fontaine arrived, we don't know what her kit looks like officially yet. However, fresh leaks have popped up that give us a first look at her abilities.

Genshin Impact: Early Arlecchino Leaked Kit Information

Arlecchino showcases a combat style reminiscent of Furina, featuring a two-stage fighting mechanism. In her first state, she wields daggers, dealing Pyro damage in an area-of-effect. What sets her apart is her ability to absorb enemy HP during attacks, providing a self-sustaining healing mechanism.

The second state, triggered through her unique mechanic, allows Arlecchino to absorb her own HP, unleashing a flurry of Pyro damage. An interesting twist is her passive talent, which accelerates attack speed even further as her HP decreases, rewarding players for skillfully managing her health in battle.

The ability unleashes a massive area-of-effect Pyro damage, transforming her into a Harlequin with a distinct Abyssal Mantle. This change in appearance not only adds a visual flair but also introduces a strategic aspect to her gameplay.

Abyssal Mantle allows Arlecchino to absorb the HP of the entire team, amplifying her damage and expanding her attack range. This unique twist on a team-wide HP absorption mechanic is poised to make her a dynamic addition to various team compositions, encouraging players to explore synergies with other characters.

Arlecchino is the eleventh of the Eleven Harbingers, also known as "The Knave." Her exact position within the organization and role in the Fatui's goals remain unclear. She runs an orphanage in Snezhnaya called "House of the Hearth." Here, she trains children into potential Fatui recruits. This seemingly contradictory act of nurturing and manipulating raises questions about her motivations.

Arlecchino was seemingly close to La Signora, another Harbinger. Following La Signora's death, some leaks suggest Arlecchino might hold resentment or have ulterior motives related to it. Much of her past remains hidden. Leaks hint at a connection to an entity called "Caterpillar" and possible ties to an ancient civilization known as the "Hiller Tribe." These connections add further intrigue to her background and we are likely to find out more when she arrives in Genshin Impact update 4.7.

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