Genshin Impact: Columbina Will Not Released in Fontaine



Genshin Impact: Columbina Will Not Released in Fontaine

Abhimannu Das
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New information surrounding Columbina's release in Genshin Impact just arrived hinting at her release in Natlan.
Columbina holds the third position among the Eleven Harbingers, making her incredibly powerful.

New information surrounding Columbina just dropped revealing that Columbina will not be a playable character during the Fontaine's content cycle. It means that she will be playable sometime after the arrival of patch 5.0 (Natlan). She is one of the Fatui Harbingers who we have not met in the story yet. She was present in the "A Winter Night's Lazzo" teaser and is expected to play an important role in the ongoing Fatui storyline.

Who is Columbina in Genshin Impact?

Columbina holds the third position among the Eleven Harbingers, making her incredibly powerful. Her codename, "Damselette," hints at her graceful nature, a stark contrast to the other Harbingers' imposing titles.

Though unconfirmed, leaks suggest Columbina wields the power of Cryo, the element of ice. This aligns with her ethereal and melancholic aura. She's only been officially shown in the "A Winter Night's Lazzo" teaser, offering fleeting glimpses of her veiled face.

Primarily, the Harbingers act as the Tsaritsa's direct agents, carrying out her will and pursuing the goals of the Fatui across Teyvat. This could involve diplomatic engagements, strategic maneuvers, or even brute force interventions depending on the situation.

Beyond the Tsaritsa's bidding, the Harbingers often take on independent roles to maintain order within the Fatui and ensure its smooth operation. This might involve settling internal disputes, eliminating threats, or manipulating events to the Fatui's advantage.

Each Harbinger is likely tasked with acquiring resources and strengthening the Fatui in their assigned region. This could involve amassing wealth, recruiting adepts, or even influencing local politics to further the Fatui's agenda.

While loyalty to the Tsaritsa is paramount, whispers suggest some Harbingers harbor their own ambitions or motivations. These individual goals could complicate matters, potentially leading to power struggles or unexpected alliances within the organization.

As players delve deeper into Genshin Impact's lore, the Harbingers become key figures in understanding the Fatui's true purpose and the Tsaritsa's ultimate plans. Each of their actions, however cryptic, offers clues to their individual motivations and the organization's broader objectives.

Remember, the Fatui and their Harbingers are a complex web of power and intrigue. Their ultimate goals and true motivations remain shrouded in the mists of Teyvat. As the story unfolds, we can expect to learn more about their individual roles and the forces that shape their actions.

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