Genshin Impact Birthdays: Full List of Birthdays of Playable Characters

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Genshin Impact Birthdays


Here is a full list of Genshin Impact birthdays of playable characters updated for patch 3.8.
Paimon shares her birthday with Arataki Itto, which is something she might not be too fond of.

Genshin Impact offers players free rewards on the birthdays of every playable character and they come with unique messages every time. If you are waiting for your favorite characters’ birthdays in Genshin Impact, we have a full list of playable characters and their birthdays as of the current patch. We also reveal Paimon’s birthday at the end of our article so don’t miss that. Without further ado, here is our list of every Genshin Impact Birthday as of patch 3.8.

Full list of Genshin Impact Birthdays 

Here is a rundown of all Genshin Impact birthdays for playable characters. Kamisato Ayaka’s birthday is probably the most noteworthy among these as she was the very first playable character that was designed and her birthday coincides with Genshin Impact’s release date/anniversaries.

Paimon’s birthday was not included on this list as she is not a playable character but if you are wondering when our traveling companion was born, it was on 1st June and she shares her birthday with Arataki Itto.

Whenever a character has a birthday in Genshin Impact, you will receive an in-game mail with their favorite dishes and some resources. Hoyoverse updates the messages for each character every year and they often include heartfelt words from your favorite characters.

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