Genshin Impact Banner Schedule 2023: Upcoming Characters and Leaks

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Genshin Impact Banner Schedule 2023: Upcoming Characters and Leaks


The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact continues to evolve, and players eagerly anticipate the arrival of new banners featuring exciting characters to add to their rosters.
Leakers have provided insights into the character lineups expected in versions 4.3 to 4.8, offering players a glimpse of what's to come.
While it's important to remember that these leaks are subject to change, these potential additions have sparked enthusiasm among the game's dedicated fan base.

Genshin Impact has been continuously adding new characters and content to keep players engaged and excited. The anticipation for upcoming character banners is always high, and leaks have become an essential source of information for players looking to make the most of their Primogems. In this article, we'll analyze the recent leaks and provide a comprehensive overview of what you can expect in the Genshin Impact character banners from 2023 into early 2024.

Genshin Impact Banner Schedule for Late 2023 and Early 2024

Genshin Impact's character banners are a significant attraction for players, with a new selection of characters becoming available every three weeks. These banners are an opportunity for players to obtain new characters, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. However, it's essential to remember that these banner schedules and character lineups are subject to change, as leaks often provide preliminary information that may be updated by the developers.

4.1 Update: Wriothesley and Venti

The 4.1 update for Genshin Impact is currently underway, and Phase II banners are set to launch on 17th October 2023. In this update, players can anticipate the arrival of the 5-star Cryo DPS character, Wriothesley, and the Anemo support character, Venti. Wriothesley is a new addition to the game, while Venti is known for providing excellent crowd control. Players can aim to obtain these characters until 7th November 2023.

4.2 Update: Furina and Baizhu

Looking ahead to the 4.2 update, which is expected to start on 8th November 2023, players can look forward to the Hydro Archon, Furina, and the Dendro healer, Baizhu. This update will run until 29th November 2023, offering players the opportunity to pull for these characters.

Furina Genshin Impact

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4.2 Update (Second Half): Kamisato Ayato and Cyno

In the second half of the 4.2 update, starting on 29th November 2023, players will have the chance to obtain the Hydro DPS character, Kamisato Ayato, and the Electro DPS character, Cyno. Both of these characters are formidable damage dealers, making them highly sought after by players.

4.3 Update: What to Expect

As for the 4.3 update, not much has been officially confirmed, but leaks suggest that a new 5-star Geo character named Navia may make an appearance. Additionally, popular characters like Albedo, Arataki Itto, and Raiden Shogun are expected to have rerun banners.

Navia Genshin Impact

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Beyond 4.3: Madame Ping, Chiori, Arlecchino, and More

Looking further into the future, Genshin Impact enthusiasts can anticipate some exciting character banners. In the 4.4 update, players are speculating that characters like Madame Ping, Xiao, Ganyu, and Shenhe will feature. The introduction of Madame Ping, in particular, has garnered attention as she was featured in a cutscene last year.

The 4.5 update is expected to introduce a character known as Chiori, a Geo character and fashion designer. With the absence of a Geo character in the standard banner and an Inazuma representative among the five-stars, players are hopeful that Chiori will fill this role.

For the 4.6 update, the highly-anticipated 4th Fatui Harbinger, Arlecchino, is set to enter the game. She is expected to wield a polearm and employ Pyro abilities, which may align with the recent HP-depleting mechanics introduced in the game.

In the more distant future, patches 4.7 and 4.8 remain somewhat mysterious. While the 4.8 five-star character doesn't currently have a model, it is known that Champion Duelist Clorinde will arrive in the 4.7 update, followed by Emilie, a character we know very little about.

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