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Genshin Impact: Are Wriothesley and Navia Coming to the Standard Banner?

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The Genshin Impact community has been buzzing with speculation regarding the inclusion of two highly anticipated characters, Wriothesley and Navia, in the game's Standard banner.
While previous leaks and rumors seemed to support their addition, recent developments have cast a shadow of doubt on these expectations.

The Genshin Impact fandom is filled with speculation as rumors circulate about potential additions to the game's Standard banner. Recent leaks have suggested that three new characters, Navia, Clorinde, and Wriothesley, might be joining the roster of 5-star characters available to players. But what do the leaks suggest regarding these characters and their potential addition to the Standard Banner? Let’s take a look.

Different Leaks and Rumors Surrounding Wriothesley and Navia’s Fate

Uncle Chicken, a known and occasionally reliable source for Genshin Impact leaks, initially stirred the pot by suggesting that Wriothesley, a 5-star Cryo character, might join the ranks of the Standard banner characters. This claim was significant as Uncle Chicken had a history of correctly predicting Dehya's addition to the Standard banner in the past. However, Uncle Chicken has recently seemingly disappeared from the Genshin Impact scene, leaving players to wonder about the credibility of his previous statements.

Uncle T, another figure in the Genshin Impact community, added to the confusion by stating that Wriothesley is not likely to become a Standard banner character. This information has cast further doubt on Wriothesley's fate.

On the other hand, Navia, another highly-anticipated character, has also been in the spotlight. Uncle T's assertion that Navia will likely be introduced in version 4.3 has garnered attention. This claim seems to indicate that Navia won't be joining the Standard banner anytime soon.

Adding to the intrigue, Uncle Ahq, a different source, mentioned that there might not be any further additions to the Standard banner in the future. This raises questions about the game's development plans and whether new characters will continue to find their way into the Standard banner pool.

In Genshin Impact, where character availability can significantly impact gameplay and strategy, these speculations are causing both excitement and uncertainty. As always, it's important to approach these rumors and speculations with a healthy dose of skepticism until confirmed by official sources. The Genshin Impact community will likely continue to discuss and speculate on the fate of these characters until more concrete information is provided by the game's creators.

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