Genshin Impact Account Goes AFK for a Week Straight, Sparks Community Concerns

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Genshin Impact community spooked out by a player who has allegedly remained online 24/7 for over a week while being AFK inside the Dawn Winery.
Players made several attempts to interact with the AFK player to no avail.
Some players speculate that the account in question is merely used for resource farming that can be accessed any time of the day.

The Genshin Impact community recently stumbled upon a puzzling mystery that has left them genuinely concerned for the well-being of a fellow player. It all began when a group of players joined a world where the owner was allegedly AFK (Away From Keyboard) for several weeks. What made this situation even more eerie was the fact that this player had not logged out, moved, or responded to any attempts at communication from visitors. The identity of the account owner remains shrouded in mystery, despite the earnest efforts of some concerned Genshin Impact players who tried to reach out to them both in-game and through various social media platforms, all to no avail. This unsettling discovery has given rise to a myriad of speculations within the community, with some even suggesting that a grave incident might have befallen the player.

Genshin Impact community spooked by player account who has been AFK for over a week

A peculiar incident has been the talk of various Genshin Impact community groups, where players have expressed their concerns over an account that has remained online 24/7 for a week straight. One concerned player even took to Facebook to express how they had been checking on the player's world for several days, only to find that the owner, who was using the character Venti, had not budged from the chair they occupied. The character is found inside Dawn Winery in the Mondstadt region.

Genshin Impact community spooked by player account who has been AFK for over a week

A Reddit user also shared their concerns on the r/GenshinImpact subreddit, appealing to anyone who might know the player personally to perform a wellness check. Regrettably, both the Facebook and Reddit posts led to a dead end, as nobody seemed to have any personal knowledge of the player beyond their User ID, Server, and Discord ID which is listed in their Genshin Impact profile bio.

Checking the UID proves that the account is legitimate. However, upon request to join a Co-Op world with the account, a “Player Not Found” error is shown. This may either indicate that the party limit has been reached or the account owner changed its settings to block party requests.

Some players claimed they were able to join the world and have posted screenshots on various Genshin Impact-related groups. 

Genshin Impact AFK Player Account UID


The unsettling nature of the situation has prompted many players to speculate that the player may have met an unfortunate fate, which could explain the account's persistent online presence despite a lack of interaction with visitors. However, there are also theories suggesting that the account is being used for resource farming, with its constant online status aimed at helping other players acquire materials to upgrade their characters and weapons, any time of the day.

Theories suggest that the AFK Genshin Impact account is being used for resource farming.


Whatever the true nature of the situation may be, the account owner behind this AFK scenario remains unresponsive to direct messages from fellow players. As of now, the account continues to remain online, and it is anticipated to stay active until the server automatically logs out all accounts during the scheduled maintenance on November 8th, 2023, coinciding with the release of the Genshin Impact 4.2 update.

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