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Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine Leaks: Lore

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Genshin Impact patch 4.0 will introduce Fontaine as the newest explorable region.
The story of Fontaine revolves around the class divide between the rich and the poor, and it draws parallels to the French Revolution.

Genshin Impact’s 4.0 update is right around the corner and everyone is excited for the release of Fontaine. Every year, new regions bring tons of explorable areas where you can complete quests, open chests, and more. During a recent livestream, we got a sneak peek at what Fontaine has to offer and it looks like we will get to explore underwater areas which is something new for the game. A recent leak also revealed Genshin Imapct’s 4.0 Fontaine story in brief so if you are wondering what the lore of the new region will be like we have you covered.

Warning: The following information is based on leaks and is not indicative of the final product. More importantly, the lore discussion below will have major spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

Genshin Impact’s 4.0 Fontaine will feature a conflict between two of its regions 

Fontaine is represented by the element of Hydro and we will also get to meet the Hydro Archon for the first time. The archon is known as the God of Justice and holds significant influence over the people. 

According to recent leaks, the upcoming region’s story will focus on the differences between the upper and lower echelons of society. The story will be based on the French Revolution according to several leakers which sounds credible because Fontaine’s design is based on France. All of Genshin Impact’s regions are based on real-life locations and Fontaine will be no different. 

In addition to leaks, we also have tons of story hints that revealed more about Fontaine. Charlotte told us more about how wealth plays a major role in Fontaine’s society and revealed that there is a disparity between the different classes of society. 

In addition to the main quests, we will also be getting story quests for featured banner characters, hangout events and side quests. Sumeru had dozens of hours of story quests so you can expect to be in the world of Teyvat for a very long time once Fontaine drops. 

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