Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact



Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact

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Furina is the latest character released in the Genshin Impact 4.2 update.
Furina requires a healer that can regenerate the whole team's HP.
Here is a list of the best healers for Furina in Genshin Impact.

Choosing the best healers for Furina in Genshin Impact is one of the trending topics in the community. Considering the new character's kit, it is essential to add the most optimal units to maximize the damage potential provided by her abilities. While there are a ton of potential healers for Furina in Genshin Impact, there are a few who synergize well with her.  Surprisingly, these characters were once ignored due to the evolving meta and power creep issues of the game.

To help players with building the most optimal team setup, here is a list of the best healers for Furina in Genshin Impact.

Top 5 Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact

5. Noelle

Aside from her team-healing potential when her Ultimate ability is active, Noelle can also act as an on-field DPS (Damage Per Second). She is also quite easy to build as she scales with DEF (defense) and considering she is one of the oldest characters released, a lot of players have most likely unlocked all of her constellations. 

If you want a healer that can also tank a ton of damage and can provide a shield, you can never go wrong with Noelle in your party with Furina.

Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact - Noelle


4. Yaoyao

Yaoyao is a good unit to have if you plan on forming a Bloom Reaction team with Furina in Genshin Impact. Not only can she heal the entire team with her ultimate ability, but her summons can also deal damage and apply Dendro to enemies. However, her downside is that you will need her to be active on the field while her Ultimate is ongoing or else the healing effect will prematurely stop. Considering she relies mostly on her summons to deal damage, you will be stuck with low-damage normal attacks while waiting to be healed.

Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact - Yaoyao


3. Baizhu

One of the most overlooked healers in the game since his release. Baizhu is leagues better than Yaoyao due to his ability to provide shield and healing to allies on top of applying Dendro to enemies. He is also very easy to build as you only need to stack HP (Health Points) stats on him to be effective.

Considering Baizhu’s character banner is also ongoing with Furina, consider pulling for both characters if you can as both can be effectively played together.

Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact - Baizhu

2. Kokomi

While Kokomi is not that good as an off-field healer for Furina in Genshin Impact, she makes up for it by multiple factors. While on-field, Kokomi can definitely provide massive healing that Furina needs to keep up with her Fanfare effect. As a Hydro-Catalyst weapon user, Kokomi can also apply Hydro effectively on enemies while also providing a Max HP boost due to the Elemental Resonance for bringing two Hydro units. 

As a character who is not affected by CRIT stats, building Kokomi will be easier as you will not need to grind for the two rare stats in the game.

Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact - Kokomi

1. Jean

Arguably, Jean is currently the best healer for Furina in Genshin Impact. Her burst off-field healing is enough to keep your HP at max while Furina drains them for the Fanfare stacks. She can also be equipped with a Viridescent Venerer artifact to Swirl enemies to reduce their Elemental Resistance, providing more damage amplifiers for the team. If you failed at 50/50 and got Jean, it is advisable to go for Furina as you already have the best healer for her.

Best Healers for Furina in Genshin Impact - Jean


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