Muudea "Twomad" Sedik Found Dead in His LA Apartment After Being Unresponsive for Days



Youtuber Twomad Found Dead in His LA Apartment After Being Unresponsive for Days

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Popular YouTuber Muudea Sedik, aka Twomad, was found dead earlier today at his Los Angeles apartment.
It is unclear how long he has been dead for, but drug paraphernalia was found at his apartment hinting at a drug overdose.

Popular YouTuber Muudea "Twomad" Sedik was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment. His death was first reported by TMZ and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) mentioned that it was unclear how long he had been dead for. The police went to his house after several fans called the police for a welfare check. His Discord status revealed that he left Overwatch 2 running for over six days and he was unresponsive on social media.

No Foul Play Suspected, Twomad's Death Suspected to Be Due to Drug Overdose

When LAPD arrived at his home, they told TMZ that it is unclear how long he has been dead for. However the police found drug paraphernalia on the scene. It is possible that Twomad died of a drug overdose.

Over the past few days, he has made some strange tweets as pointed out by some of his fans.

Twomad Twitter feed


In addition to his dozens of strange tweets, he also randomly posted a string of tweets featuring guns.

Twomad Twitter feed


He stopped posting content on his YouTube channel last year but he has continued to appear in videos of other content creators.

Twomad Twitter feed


Fellow content creator Felix "xQc" Lengyel reacted to his death saying, "People struggle with things and based on what they struggle with, they take certain actions. I am not going to judge somebody's actions based on what they were going through and paint conclusions on their character or their legacy."

Twomad's Controversial History

Twomad was known for his gaming content, skits, and live streams, but he was also no stranger to controversy. During his early days as a content creator he found success with Overwatch, but he moved to edgy humor and prank content, which further boosted his YouTube channel's engagement.

In June 2023, Twomad was accused of sexual assault by another user on social media. The user also posted several screenshots as proof of the alleged harassment. Twomad denied the allegations, but they led to a significant amount of backlash and criticism. He had a history of making controversial, both online and in his videos. This alienated some of his fans and led to accusations of discrimination.

Twomad's humor was often described as edgy and offensive. While some fans appreciated his willingness to push boundaries, others found his jokes to be hurtful and insensitive.

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