YouTuber The Completionist's Open Hand Foundation is Being Accused of Charity Fraud


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YouTuber The Completionist's Open Hand Foundation is Being Accused of Charity Fraud

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The Completionist's charity organization is being accused by Karl Jobsts and SomeOrdinaryGamers’ Mutahar of failing to report donations.
Here’s everything you need to know about the accusations made against The Completionist.

Jirad Khalil, known by his army of fans as ‘The Completionist’ has come under fire for his involvement in an alleged fraud. The Open Hand Foundation, an organization that The Completionist and his family ran, was the subject of an investigation by multiple YouTubers.

It’s been alleged by SomeOrdinaryGamer’s Mutahar and Karl Jobst that The Completionist's Open Hand Foundation was holding over $600,000 USD in donations. These were raised for Dementia research via The Completionist’s IndieLand charity stream. In a video on YouTube, Jobst has accused The Open Hand Foundation of failing to report charity donations.

What are Allegations Made Against The Completionist?

YouTubers SomeOridinaryGamers and Karl Jobst have uploaded videos of their investigation into the matter and allege the Open Hands Foundation, which was founded by the Completionist's father, Charles Khalil, currently has more than $600,000 USD in donations in a bank account, and there’s no evidence of paying that money to organizations that are working against dementia. 

According to the YouTubers, publicly available tax filings show that $655,520 USD has been raised since the inception of the charity, but it has donated none of it despite recording tens of thousands of dollars in administrative expenses. 

Karl Jobst went on to assert that the financial inconsistencies presented can be viewed as “charity fraud.” This means the act of obtaining funds from the public under false pretenses, raising legal concerns about the organization’s practices. 

When Karl Jobst asked for an explanation, The Completionist's Brother Jacque Khalil stated that the Open Hand Foundation wants to take the right approach in selecting those who get the money and has been looking for potential beneficiaries who align with the charity’s vision. 

Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers have provided audio of what they claimed to be a call with The Completionist. 

The Open Hand Foundation Response 

The Open Hand Foundation has responded by saying that the charity hasn’t donated any of the raised funds because, for the past nine years, it has been searching for a worthy partner to receive the money. This comes despite Jirad’s claims during IndieLand streams that it had supported multiple charities.

According to the Open Hand Foundation, they’re conducting operations within the bounds of legal and ethical standards, and any accusations made against them are baseless. The organization stands firm on its record and integrity.

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