WWE 2K24: All New Modes, Features & Specifications


WWE 2K24: All New Modes, Features & Specifications Explained

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WWE 2K24 is an upcoming iteration of 2K games, bringing back wrestling with new game modes and features.
In this article, we'll discuss all that is new to the upcoming WWE 2K24.

The highly anticipated WWE 2K24 is merely a few days away. Set to be released on 8th March 2024, the game is based on professional wrestling and is the latest iteration of the series. This time, it promises new game modes and features, polishing the already beloved wrestling scene in WWE 2K24.

Early access for the game began on 5th March 2024, allowing enthusiastic gamers to get an early glimpse at the new features and game modes. Players who will be accessing the game on the global release date are excited to dive into what it has to offer. So, here are all the new modes and features that you will see in WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24: All New Modes, Features & Specifications

WWE 2K24 is releasing in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and 40 Years of WrestleMania. The Deluxe and WrestleMania editions dropped on 5th March 2024, while the Standard edition drops on 8th March 2024. The game is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

WWE 2K24 New Gameplay Features

Sony has introduced several exciting new features in WWE 2K24. They are as follows:

  • Super finishers - They are the upgraded versions of the classic finishers in WWE 2K24. To execute a super finisher, players must store three finishers and then press finisher input keybinding (R2+X/RT+A).

  • Throwing objects - Allows players to throw objects at opponents. Now, objects like chairs, trash bins, and water bottles grabbed from the broadcast table can be hurled at opponents. You can these objects as projectiles, creating entertaining animations when they hit your opponent from a distance.

  • Trading blows mini-game - This is a mini game feature where players must time their strikes to hit the green area. Missing the green area counts as a strike, and after three strikes, your wrestler becomes vulnerable to attacks from the opponent.

  • Spectator mode - The improvised Spectator mode puts the spotlight on AI matches. Unlike previous editions, players can freely adjust the camera angle using on-screen controls for better visuals.

  • Ringside features - Certain ringside objects, like the announcer table, have also received updates, making them more interactive during matches. This allows players to clear the announcer table, climb onto it, and execute various grapple moves, both on and off the table.

Rhea Ripley Exclusive Attire for WWE 2K24 Explained

WWE 2K24 New Game Modes

The following are the different game modes that will be part of WWE 2K24:

  • Special Stipulation Matches - WWE 2K24 has introduced a bunch of new match types. These include the Gauntlet Match, Gauntlet Turmoil Match, Gauntlet Eliminator Match, Casket Match, Ambulance Match, Special Guest Referee Match, and Backstage Brawl match with interactive elements.

  • My Rise - This is a career mode where players can create their own WWE Champion and pursue their wrestling dreams with storylines.

  • My Faction - Build your own WWE Faction in My Faction mode, featuring current WWE stars and evergreen legends. Wrestle against single and multiplayer matches against factions from all over the world to climb the leaderboard.

  • Universe Mode - Here, players can create their own feuds and storylines, for a more personalized experience. Enjoy more rivalry actions, promos, and champion vs. champion matches in this mode.

  • MyGM - Step into the shoes of a General Manager in this mode. Draft WWE stars, make decisions, offer contracts, trade wrestlers, and build their brand while competing against rival managers.

Different Editions of WWE 2K24

The all-new wrestle mania game is coming in three different edition, Standard, Deluxe and the celebratory 40 Years of WrestleMania.

WWE 2K24 Standard Edition includes Dusty Rhodes (MyFaction Card), Stardust Superstar Billy Graham, Undashing Cody Rhodes, Pharaoh (MyFaction Manager Card), and Mattel Cody Rhodes (MyFaction Card).

With the Deluxe Edition, players can get three days early access, all standard edition bonuses, MyRise Mega Boost, SuperCharger, and Rhea Ripley & Bianca Belair (Season Pass 5 DLC) alt attire with MyFaction Gold Card.

WWE 2K24- 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition includes all standard and deluxe edition bonuses, WrestleMania 40 Arena, Rey Mysterio (WM 22), Triple H (WM 30), Gold MyFaction Card, Charlotte Flair (WM 33), Rhea Ripley (WM 36), and Macho King Randy Savage (WM 6).

Experience the iconic main event matches of WrestleMania in the Showcase of Immortals with this edition. The matches that have been confirmed till now are as follows:

  • Ricky Steamboat Vs Randy Savage- WrestleMania III (29 March 1987)

  • Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant- WrestleMania III (29 March 1987)

  • Rick Rude Vs Ultimate Warrior- WrestleMania V  (2 Apr, 1989)

  • Hulk Hogan Vs Randy Savage- WrestleMania V (2 Apr, 1989)

  • Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan- WrestleMania VI (1 Apr, 1990)

  • Bret Hart Vs Roddy Piper- WrestleMania VIII ( 5 Apr, 1992)

  • Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon- WrestleMania X ( 23 March 1994)

  • Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin- WrestleMania 13 (23 Mar, 1997)

  • Steve Austin Vs The Rock- WrestleMania X-Seven (1 Apr 2001)

  • Eddie Guerrero Vs Kurt Angle- WrestleMania XX (14 Mar, 2004)

  • Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels- WrestleMania 25 (5 Apr, 2009)

  • Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins- WrestleMania 31 (29 Mar, 2015)

  • Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Vs Charlotte Flair- WrestleMania 35 (7 Apr, 2019)

  • Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena- WrestleMania 36 (5 Apr 2020)

  • Kevin Owens Vs Steve Austin- WrestleMania 38 (2 Apr 2022)

  • Rhea Ripley Vs Charlotte Flair- WrestleMania 39 (1 Apr 2023)

  • Asuka Vs Bianca Blair- WrestleMania 39 (2 Apr 2023)

  • Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes- WrestleMania 39 (2 Apr 2023)

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