Will Lethal Company Come to Xbox? Everything You Need to Know


Will Lethal Company Come to Xbox? Everything You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Lethal Company is a chilling co-op horror game that is currently available only on PC at the moment.
An Xbox or PlayStation port is not in the works but console gamers might get their hands on the game after the game moves out of early access.

Lethal Company is a relatively new co-op survival horror game developed by Zeekerss and released in early access on PC in October 2023. The game has become wildly popular among PC gamers and it is also getting a lot of traction on YouTube and Twitch. If you are a console gamer and are itching to get your hands on Lethal Company on Xbox, here’s what you need to know.

Is Lethal Company Coming to Xbox?

Lethal Company, the chilling co-op horror game, has carved its niche on PC through Steam, leaving console players in the dust for now. Developer Zeekerss, a lone wolf in the gaming wilderness, has yet to utter a peep about console ports, and the studio is likely laser-focused on polishing the game's Early Access journey. This leaves Xbox and PlayStation owners yearning for an update on a console release.

But hold your horses, console warriors! While an official console release remains shrouded in mystery, glimmers of hope illuminate the path ahead. With Lethal Company's meteoric rise in popularity, Zeekerss said on Discord recently that a console port is not completely out of the question. Until the game leaves early access, a PlayStation or Xbox port is unlikely. Once the game gets its full release, we can expect an official update about an Xbox port for Lethal Company.

What is Lethal Company About?

Lethal Company is a chilling co-op horror adventure unlike any other. In this retrofuturistic world, you and your friends are indentured miners for "The Company," a soulless corporation exploiting abandoned moons for scrap. Your job? Brave the desolate landscapes, dodging deadly creatures, environmental hazards, and even The Company's own traps. 

If you are looking for a game where you can put your teamwork skills to use, this is one of the best titles to check out. The game is far from complete and we can expect the game to stay in early access for several months before its full release is available on Steam or other platforms. 

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