Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Feature Cars From the Real World?


Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Feature Cars From the Real World?

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise has featured re-branded and fictionalized versions of real-world cars in its previous entries.
It is highly unlikely for Rockstar to feature car brands from the real world as it would be astronomically expensive to do so.

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 finally received its first trailer after a decade of waiting and fans are eager to explore every minuscule detail present in it. From protagonists Lucia and Jason to the immersive world of Vice City or Leonida, every aspect of the trailer has been thoroughly analyzed to uncover more about the upcoming game. 

One core element of Grand Theft Auto has always been its vehicles and its driving mechanics. With GTA 6, many players are expecting a fleet of new vehicles that they can drive around its massive open world. Although previous entries have featured fictionalized versions of real-life cars, fans are wondering if they can see fully replicated car models in the new title. Let’s go ahead and figure it out.

Will GTA 6 Have Real Cars?

If you have already played through previous entries in the series, you will know that they contain identical versions of many popular real-life cars from well-known manufacturers. This seems to be the case with the upcoming title as well. Upon taking a closer look at the trailer, you will find numerous cars from popular brands that look like exact digital replicas, except for the fact that they do not carry their real-life brand name.

The trailer showcased numerous vehicles, many of which were already present in GTA 5 while some were brand new to the Grand Theft Auto universe. Keeping the known vehicles aside, we saw numerous other cars like a blue Porsche, a white Ferrari, an orange Dodge Challenger, a Chrysler 300, a Dodge Durango, and more. Although these cars were re-branded, they still look identical to their real-life counterparts.

Judging from this, it is safe to assume that the Studio is not going to use cars from the real world, at least not with the same branding. Although Rockstar is known for their meticulous attention to detail, it would be an extremely expensive decision if they chose to add vehicles from real life into their games, as they would have to pay all of the manufacturers for the rights.

Furthermore, exclusive car brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, would not want their vehicles to be associated with crimes like joyriding, getaways, and vehicular manslaughter or even wish to see them get blown up with bombs and grenades. Keeping all this in mind, the possibility of Grand Theft Auto featuring cars from the real world seems highly unlikely.

Additionally, the trailer also showcases Lowriders which seemingly hints at Street Car Culture making a return to the series, from its initial showcase in GTA San Andreas. This might also mean players will get access to numerous other modifications apart from the ones featured in previous entries.

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